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Alternate Names:
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Rome: Total War

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Rome: Total War

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Rome: Total War


In this historically accurate adventure of several thousand years ago, the player serves as a leader in the lands of Rome. By managing warfare, battlefield tactics, economics, agriculture, and diplomacy, the player utilizes everyone and everything at their disposal to crush the enemy forces and bring the corrupt Roman empire under their dominance.

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Rome: Total War
The Secret Wedding
Progeny - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
The Wheat - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
The Battle
Earth - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Sorrow - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
To Zuccabar - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
The Emperor Is Dead
The Might of Rome
Strength And Honor - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Reunion - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Slaves To Rome - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Barbarian Horde
Am I Not Merciful?
Honor Him - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Now We Are Free - From "Gladiator" Soundtrack
Duduk Of The North
Now We Are Free - Juba's Mix
The Protector Of Rome
The General Who Became A Slave
The Slave Who Became A Gladiator
Rome Is The Light
All That Remains
Marrakesh Marketplace
The Gladiator Waltz
The Mob
Busy Little Bee
Death Smiles At All Of Us
Not Yet
Main Title
Elk Hunt
The Kiss
The Glade Part II
Fort Battle
Munro's Office/Stockade
Massacre - Canoes
Top Of The World
The Courier
Rival Walk And Discovery
The British Arrival
Pieces Of A Story
I Will Find You
Main Theme (From "The Dark Knight Rises")
Themes (From "Pirates of the Caribbean")
Main Theme (From "Crimson Tide")
Light (From "The Thin Red Line")
The Docking Scene (From "Interstellar")