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Rating: 6.80/10 from 3200 votes
Tags: butt, ass
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Roujin Z

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Roujin Z

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Roujin Z

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Roujin Z

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Roujin Z

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Roujin Z


ROUJIN Z is a classic feature length anime by director Katsuhiro Otomo the creator of AKIRA. Unlike AKIRA, ROUJIN Z is a comedy.

An experimental computerized sick bed malfunctions and goes on a rampage through Tokyo with an invalid old man aboard. (Roujin means old man in Japanese.) The out of control atomic powered bed adds other machines to itself and grows to gigantic proportions. (much like Tetsuo's out of control body in AKIRA.) There's plenty of action and laughs with teens in trouble, bumbling bureaucrats and giant fighting robots.

The 1998 DVD contains the original version subtitled, and a dubbed English version. Even if you don't like English dubs, watch this one for the extra jokes the scripter added to the film.

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Roujin Z
Hashire jitensha
Bun Itakura: Performer
Bun Itakura: Arrangement

User reviews

Melissa Martinez

The soundtrack of Roujin Z successfully set the tone for the film, establishing a playful and light-hearted atmosphere that made it a joy to watch.

Nancy Martinez

The soundtrack did a great job of capturing the zany and chaotic nature of the storyline, with whimsical tunes that matched the absurdity of the plot.

Thomas Johnson

The opening theme song of Roujin Z is catchy and memorable, setting the tone for the film and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Andrew Harris

The soundtrack for Roujin Z felt out of place and failed to capture the comedic tone of the film. The music choices seemed generic and uninspired, lacking the energy and excitement needed to enhance the action sequences.

Michael Martinez

The blend of electronic and orchestral elements in the music reflects the futuristic setting of the film, creating a cohesive and immersive auditory experience.

Brian Lewis

The soundtrack of Roujin Z perfectly complements the comedic tone of the film, blending upbeat melodies with quirky sound effects.

Dorothy Mitchell

The music seamlessly transitions between comedic moments and intense action sequences, showcasing the versatility and skill of the composer.

Linda Garcia

I found the musical score in Roujin Z to be repetitive and forgettable. The same melodies and themes were used throughout the movie, making it difficult to differentiate between different scenes and moments. It failed to create a memorable and immersive experience for the audience.

Betty Robinson

The soundtrack of Roujin Z perfectly captures the comedic tone of the anime, blending upbeat melodies with quirky sound effects to enhance the humor of the story.

John Thompson

The soundtrack effectively conveys the emotional depth of certain scenes, adding layers of complexity to the characters and their relationships.

Michael Anderson

The soundtrack of Roujin Z perfectly captures the comedic and action-packed tone of the film, enhancing every scene with its lively and dynamic music.

Charles Thomas

The music in Roujin Z effectively builds tension during action-packed scenes, adding to the excitement and adrenaline of the giant bed's rampage through Tokyo.

Patricia Wilson

Overall, the music in Roujin Z elevates the viewing experience and complements the humor and action on screen, making it a memorable and enjoyable soundtrack to listen to on its own.

Carol King

The incorporation of sound effects into the music added an extra layer of humor to certain scenes, making them even more entertaining and engaging.

John Mitchell

The music during the action sequences was particularly effective in building tension and excitement, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Jennifer Garcia

I appreciated the variety of musical styles included in the soundtrack, from energetic techno beats to more lighthearted melodies, creating a dynamic listening experience.

Mark Perez

The soundtrack expertly builds tension during pivotal moments, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats and fully engaged with the unfolding story.

David Martinez

I found the use of electronic music in the soundtrack to be a refreshing change from traditional orchestral scores, adding a futuristic and high-tech vibe to the film.

John Martinez

Each character in Roujin Z is accompanied by a unique musical theme that helps to deepen their personality and enhance their presence on screen.

Margaret Davis

The use of traditional Japanese instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic and cultural touch to the overall viewing experience.

Patricia Carter

The use of traditional Japanese instruments in the soundtrack of Roujin Z adds a unique cultural flair to the music, creating a memorable and immersive listening experience that complements the visuals of the anime.

Emily Davis

Overall, the music in Roujin Z contributed significantly to the overall enjoyment of the film, enhancing the comedic elements and adding depth to the characters and story.