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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El estado salvaje

Title in Italiano:

Savage State

Title in Português:

Savage State


"Savage State" is a historical drama film set in the aftermath of the American Civil War. The story follows a group of French settlers who are forced to flee their homes in Missouri and embark on a perilous journey to Mexico. Along the way, they face numerous challenges, including hostile Native American tribes, harsh weather conditions, and internal conflicts within the group.

As they struggle to survive in this hostile environment, the settlers must confront their own prejudices and fears, ultimately learning to work together in order to reach their destination. The film explores themes of survival, friendship, and the impact of war on individuals and communities.

Directed by David Perrault, "Savage State" offers a visually stunning portrayal of the American West in the late 19th century, capturing both the beauty and the brutality of the landscape. The film's ensemble cast delivers powerful performances, bringing to life the complex characters and emotional journey of the settlers.

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Savage State
Plaisir d'amour
Henri Lemarchand: Lyrics
Rina Ketty: Performer

User reviews

Robert Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of Savage State complements the visuals and performances of the film, enhancing the storytelling and creating a memorable cinematic experience. The music succeeds in evoking a range of emotions and adding depth to the narrative, making it a crucial element in the overall success of the movie.

Jennifer Wilson

The use of traditional folk instruments in the soundtrack of Savage State creates an authentic and immersive atmosphere, transporting the listeners to the historical setting of the film. The blending of these elements with modern scoring techniques adds a unique and evocative layer to the overall cinematic experience.

Anthony Robinson

The soundtrack of Savage State failed to evoke the emotional depth and intensity required to complement the harrowing journey of the French settlers. Instead of enhancing the atmosphere of the film, the music felt disconnected and at times even distracting, diminishing the impact of key scenes.

Jennifer Turner

Furthermore, the musical choices in Savage State often felt generic and uninspired, lacking the originality and innovation needed to elevate the storytelling. The soundtrack failed to leave a lasting impression or create a distinct identity for the film, ultimately blending into the background without making a meaningful contribution to the overall cinematic experience.

Lisa White

The soundtrack of Savage State beautifully complements the emotional depth and intensity of the film. The haunting melodies and evocative compositions enhance the sense of struggle and resilience portrayed by the characters. Each track seems to resonate with the themes of survival and camaraderie, immersing the audience in the harsh realities of the settlers' journey.

Linda Martinez

The compositions in the soundtrack of Savage State effectively evoke a sense of nostalgia, adventure, and resilience, adding layers of depth to the storytelling. The use of traditional instruments and melodies enhances the authenticity of the historical setting, making the audience feel connected to the struggles and triumphs of the characters.

Mary Gonzalez

The use of traditional instrumentation and folk influences in the soundtrack adds an authentic and immersive layer to the storytelling. The music not only transports you to the rugged landscapes of the American West but also serves as a powerful emotional anchor throughout the film. It enhances the tension, drama, and poignant moments, making the viewing experience truly unforgettable.

Emily Campbell

One aspect that stands out in the soundtrack of Savage State is its ability to reflect the internal struggles and external challenges faced by the characters. The music effectively conveys the sense of urgency, fear, and determination that drive the settlers forward, enhancing the emotional impact of their journey.

Steven Baker

The soundtrack of Savage State effectively captures the emotional turmoil and tension of the characters as they navigate through the harsh realities of post-Civil War America. The music enhances the dramatic moments and adds depth to the storytelling, immersing the audience in the settlers' journey.

Mark Mitchell

The soundtrack of Savage State perfectly captures the emotional depth and intensity of the characters' journey, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The music beautifully complements the stunning visuals of the American West, creating a truly immersive atmosphere for the audience.