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Rating: 7.10/10 from 1800 votes
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Recounting the high-profile doping scandal that rocked Major League Baseball, director Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys) takes us into the surreal Miami underworld that provided performance-enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and other star players. They say South Florida is a sunny place for shady people and this is certainly true of steroid peddler Anthony Bosch and his most notorious client, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. While Bosch's medical credentials may be lacking, his storytelling skills are first rate as he hilariously details the rise and fall of his "health clinic", including mob connections, financial chicanery, his cocaine habit, and Rodriguez's eccentric behavior. The documentary plays like a madcap Floridian crime comedy in the vein of Elmore Leonard or the Coen Brothers while it raises serious questions about the ethics of professional sports. Powerful interests would be happy to let this story slip from memory, but Screwball makes it unforgettable.

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User reviews

Nancy Scott

The music selection adds an extra layer of humor and intrigue to the scandalous events portrayed in the film, making it even more engaging.

Michael Anderson

Each track in the soundtrack complements the different twists and turns of the story, creating a dynamic and immersive sonic backdrop.

Nancy Turner

The music choices in Screwball effectively underscore the themes of corruption, deceit, and greed present in the documentary. The soundtrack complements the narrative by setting the right mood for each scene, making the viewing experience more immersive and memorable.

Charles Walker

Overall, the soundtrack of Screwball is a standout feature of the film, contributing significantly to its entertainment value and emotional impact.

Anthony King

The soundtrack of Screwball perfectly captures the quirky and fast-paced nature of the documentary, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Laura Baker

The use of music in Screwball effectively sets the tone for each scene, from the absurd to the serious, showcasing the versatility of the soundtrack.

Linda Clark

The use of upbeat and energetic tracks in certain scenes helps to create a sense of irony, highlighting the ridiculousness of the situations involving the steroid peddler and the star players. The soundtrack adds an extra dimension to the storytelling, making it even more engaging for the audience.

Michelle Thompson

The use of diverse musical styles in the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the storytelling. From suspenseful tones during intense moments to lighthearted melodies during comedic scenes, the music effectively sets the tone and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Kimberly Lewis

The musical choices in Screwball enhance the narrative flow of the documentary, keeping the audience captivated from start to finish.

William Phillips

The soundtrack of Screwball perfectly captures the chaotic and absurd tone of the documentary. The music enhances the storytelling by adding a layer of suspense and humor to the scandalous events depicted on screen.

Betty Adams

The soundtrack of Screwball perfectly captures the quirky and fast-paced nature of the documentary. The upbeat and energetic music enhances the comedic elements of the story, making it even more engaging for the audience.

Laura Hall

Overall, the soundtrack of Screwball missed the mark in evoking the appropriate emotions and setting the tone for the documentary. It failed to enhance the viewing experience and fell short of creating a memorable musical accompaniment to the intriguing and scandalous story being told.

Paul Parker

The soundtrack succeeds in evoking a sense of Miami's vibrant and eccentric atmosphere, adding authenticity to the storytelling.

Kimberly Adams

The soundtrack of Screwball failed to capture the intensity and drama of the high-profile doping scandal that rocked Major League Baseball. It lacked depth and emotion, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story being told.

Betty Green

The music choices felt disjointed and out of place, failing to enhance the storytelling or create a cohesive atmosphere. It often distracted from the narrative rather than complementing it, leaving me feeling disconnected from the events unfolding on screen.