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Rating: 8.20/10 from 1100 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Segundos catastróficos

Title in Italiano:

Seconds from Disaster

Title in Português:

Sekunden vor dem Unglück


Seconds from Disaster is a documentary series that investigates the causes of major disasters, such as plane crashes, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. The show uses expert analysis, interviews with survivors and witnesses, and computer-generated simulations to recreate the events leading up to the disaster.

Each episode focuses on a different disaster, examining the series of mistakes, oversights, and miscommunications that ultimately led to tragedy. The show aims to educate viewers about the importance of safety protocols, emergency preparedness, and the consequences of human error.

Through its in-depth research and dramatic reenactments, Seconds from Disaster provides a gripping and informative look at some of the most devastating events in recent history. Viewers are given a behind-the-scenes look at what went wrong and how these disasters could have been prevented.

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Seconds from Disaster

User reviews

Edward Thompson

The use of music in Seconds from Disaster helps to emphasize the human element of the tragedies, highlighting the stories of survivors and witnesses.

William Turner

The music selection is diverse and well-suited to the different types of disasters covered in the series, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Donna Adams

I found the choice of music in Seconds from Disaster to be distracting and sometimes inappropriate for the somber and serious subject matter. At times, the music seemed out of place, taking away from the gravity of the events being portrayed and undermining the overall authenticity of the documentary series.

Jennifer Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of Seconds from Disaster elevates the documentary series to a new level, leaving a lasting impression on viewers long after the episode ends.

George Garcia

The music in Seconds from Disaster serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of safety protocols and emergency preparedness in preventing future tragedies.

Linda Williams

The soundtrack of Seconds from Disaster perfectly captures the intensity and suspense of each episode, enhancing the viewing experience.

Lisa Evans

The soundtrack effectively conveys the chaos and confusion of the moments leading up to each disaster, immersing viewers in the events as they unfold.

Anthony Campbell

The soundtrack of Seconds from Disaster truly captures the tension and suspense of each episode, enhancing the viewing experience.

Brian Martin

The emotional impact of the disasters is amplified by the haunting melodies and intense rhythms of the music, making each episode unforgettable.

Patricia Walker

I appreciate how the soundtrack adapts to the different types of disasters featured, from plane crashes to natural disasters, adding depth to the storytelling.

Daniel Campbell

The music perfectly complements the expert analysis and reenactments, creating a sense of urgency and drama throughout the series.

Michelle Parker

The soundtrack of Seconds from Disaster felt repetitive and monotonous, failing to capture the intense and emotional nature of the events being depicted. The lack of variety in the music diminished the impact of the reenactments and made it difficult to fully engage with the stories of the disasters.

James Carter

The combination of expert interviews, computer-generated simulations, and the impactful soundtrack creates a comprehensive and engaging narrative for each disaster.

Susan Clark

The haunting melodies and powerful rhythms of the soundtrack stay with you long after watching an episode, creating a memorable and impactful viewing experience.