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As renowned for her morose nature as she is for her horror fiction, writer Shirley Jackson (Elizabeth Moss) is crafting yet another masterpiece when the arrival of newlyweds Fred and Rose disrupt her creative process and marriage to literary critic - and philandering professor - Stanley Hyman (Michael Stuhlbarg).

As Stanley spars to maintain academic dominance over his would-be protégé Fred, Rose attempts to dampen her own ambitions and adjust to married life while living under the roof of their fiery intellectual hosts with quicksilver loyalties and myriad neuroses.

When the motives of Shirley's literary muse prove elusive, Rose's curiosity and trusting nature make her tender prey for a brilliant author whose only allegiance is to her work.

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A Not So Humble Request
"I Didn't Ask You to Behave"
"I Have a Title"
What a Writer Does
Shirley's Vision
Writing Begins
Rose's Dream
Emissary / Captive Queen
Rose on Top
Shirley On the Porch
Shirley Watches Rose at Party
Moving Out in a Week
Library Card
The Summoning
The Death of Little Wifey
End Credits
The Gallis Pole
Baby Count Ten (The Counting Song)
The Bell Sisters: Performer
The House Carpenter - 2020 Remaster
The Dance of Love
The Bell Sisters: Performer
Pretty Papa Blues
Country Violence
Intro / Mudbound Theme
Ronsel In A Minor
But For Love
Laura Mud Drone
Ronsel Leaves
Hap Mud Drone
Whooping Cough Pt. 1
Whooping Cough Pt. 2
Hap Recuperates
Ties That Bind
Lovers / VE Day
Back on the Farm
A Man Oughta Know
Same Old Jim Crow Pt. 1
Same Old Jim Crow Pt. 2
Sorry, Not Sorry
Ties That Bind Pt. 2
Ties That Bind Pt. 3
Father & Son Undone Pt. 1
Missing Letter
Father & Son Undone Pt. 2
See See Rider
Pearl (Psychochamber Version)
Siren Song (Bonus Track)
I'm in Town
The Gallis Pole (The Maid Freed From The Gallows)
Leadbelly: Writer
Leadbelly: Performer
Boogie'n My Woogie
Gladys Bentley: Writer
Off The Record
Walter Warren: Writer
Walter Warren: Performer
House Carpenter
Clarence Ashley: Performer
Michael Stuhlbarg: Performer
Skip the Gutter
Gladys Bentley: Writer
"I Didn't Ask You to Behave"
Tamar-Kali: Performer
"I Have a Title"
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Shirley Intro
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Tell Them I Said Yes
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Long Day
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Tamar-Kali: Performer
I Don't Think Politics Is for Me
Tamar-Kali: Performer
A Hospital Visit
Tamar-Kali: Performer
A Win for Robert - California
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Willie Brown
Tamar-Kali: Performer
I Love You Too
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Backstabbers - Dreamers and Fools
Tamar-Kali: Performer
Catalyst for Change
Tamar-Kali: Performer

User reviews

James Martinez

The haunting and atmospheric score of Shirley perfectly captures the dark and brooding nature of the film, enhancing the tension and suspense throughout.

Ronald Roberts

The soundtrack of Shirley felt disconnected from the emotional depth of the characters and the storyline. The music seemed generic and failed to enhance the tension and drama of the narrative.

Steven Mitchell

The soundtrack of Shirley perfectly captures the dark and brooding atmosphere of the film. The haunting melodies and eerie tones enhance the tension and psychological depth of the story, immersing the audience in Shirley Jackson's enigmatic world.

Ronald Robinson

The overall composition of the soundtrack lacked cohesion and failed to create a memorable or impactful auditory experience. The music felt like an afterthought rather than a carefully crafted element that could elevate the storytelling of Shirley.

Margaret Nelson

The music in Shirley skillfully mirrors the emotional complexity of the characters, adding depth and nuance to their inner struggles and relationships.

Elizabeth Lewis

I found the choice of instrumentation in the soundtrack to be distracting and out of place. The use of certain instruments and musical motifs did not complement the period setting of the film, creating a jarring experience for the viewer.

Amanda Thomas

The soundtrack of Shirley seamlessly weaves together classical elements with modern twists, creating a unique and evocative auditory experience that stays with you long after the film ends.

Carol Wilson

On the other hand, some may find the soundtrack of Shirley to be too somber and overwhelming at times. While it effectively sets the mood for the film, the continuous melancholic music may become monotonous and detract from the overall viewing experience, especially during quieter moments.