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Rating: 7.10/10 from 32000 votes
Tags: sugar daddy, jewish culture, bi protagonist, shiva
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Shiva Baby

Title in Italiano:

Shiva Baby

Title in Português:

Shiva Baby

Title in Français:

Shiva Baby

Title in Türk:

Şiva Bebeği

Title in Deutsch:

Shiva Baby


Shiva Baby is a comedy-drama film that follows a young woman named Danielle as she attends a shiva with her parents. During the gathering, Danielle runs into her ex-girlfriend Maya and her sugar daddy, Max, which leads to a series of awkward and tense encounters. As the day goes on, Danielle must navigate through the pressures of her family's expectations, her own insecurities, and the complicated relationships she finds herself in.

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Shiva Baby
Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)
What’s Next
Leave The Door Open
MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)
Follow You
Iyawo Mi
Dámelo To’ (feat. Myke Towers)
Yo Dawg
AP - Music from the film Boogie
Na Na Na Boo Boo
Fck Boys
Fendi - with Rakhim & Smokepurpp
Follow You Go
Til I Change Your Mind
Street Runner
Titans (feat. Sia & Labrinth)
Marea (feat. legallyrxx)
When I See You (Lamont's Song)
Contigo Mami
De Una Vez
Super Pain
E Be Mad
Tan Bonita
Gold Mine
What It Feels Like
Rich Nigga Problems
Part Of The Game (feat. NLE Choppa & Rileyy Lanez)
Machu Picchu
You (with Marshmello & Vance Joy)
Damn Shame
So Nwa
Ella No Es Tuya - Remix
Provide (feat. Chris Brown & Mark Morrison)
No Toque Mi Naik
Real Man
Party 4 Ex
Nutshell Pt. 2 (feat. Busta Rhymes and Redman)
Chosen (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

User reviews

Emily Hernandez

The soundtrack of Shiva Baby felt repetitive and uninspired to me. The music didn't seem to enhance the emotional depth of the scenes or add any layers to the storytelling. It felt like a missed opportunity to elevate the overall viewing experience.

Thomas Smith

It sets the tone for the complex relationships and dynamics between the characters.

Amanda Campbell

The music creates a sense of unease and suspense, mirroring Danielle's inner turmoil throughout the story.

John Moore

The choice of instrumentation in the soundtrack, such as strings and piano, complements the film's themes of tradition, family expectations, and personal identity. The music helps to underscore the cultural and emotional complexities of the story.

Edward Jones

The use of traditional Jewish music interspersed with modern, edgier tracks adds depth and complexity to the soundtrack, mirroring Danielle's struggle to balance her traditional upbringing with her more modern, unconventional choices. The contrast between these musical styles reflects the conflicting emotions and conflicting worlds that Danielle must navigate, making the soundtrack a crucial element in setting the tone for the film.

Laura Perez

The soundtrack of Shiva Baby skillfully builds tension and suspense during key moments of the film, such as the confrontations between Danielle, Maya, and Max. The music enhances the sense of unease and uncertainty in these scenes.

Ronald Harris

The use of traditional Jewish music adds authenticity to the shiva setting and enriches the cultural background of the film.

Laura Mitchell

The soundtrack of Shiva Baby perfectly captures the tension and awkwardness of the film's gatherings.

Joseph Hill

The soundtrack effectively conveys the pressure and expectations Danielle feels from her family and society.

Kimberly Evans

I found the musical choices in Shiva Baby to be distracting at times. There were moments when the music clashed with the dialogue or the tone of the scene, pulling me out of the story rather than immersing me further into it. It felt like the soundtrack was competing for attention rather than complementing the narrative.

Carol Green

The music enhances the comedic moments, adding an extra layer of humor to the scenes.

Amanda Wilson

Each track complements the on-screen action, enhancing the viewer's immersion in the story.

Emily Smith

The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between different moods, reflecting the emotional rollercoaster of the main character.

Ronald Jackson

Overall, the music of Shiva Baby is a key element in creating a rich and engaging viewing experience.

Melissa Garcia

The soundtrack of Shiva Baby effectively captures the tension and anxiety felt by the main character, Danielle, throughout the film. The music enhances the awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere of the shiva gathering.

George King

Overall, I felt that the soundtrack of Shiva Baby lacked coherence and consistency. The music seemed disjointed and disconnected from the themes and characters of the film, making it difficult for me to fully engage with the story. I believe a more cohesive and well-integrated soundtrack could have greatly improved the overall impact of the movie.

Susan Johnson

The soundtrack of Shiva Baby perfectly captures the tension and anxiety of the film's awkward and chaotic situations. The music enhances the sense of unease and discomfort that Danielle experiences throughout the shiva, creating a palpable atmosphere that keeps you on edge.

Elizabeth Phillips

The use of subtle and haunting melodies in the soundtrack adds depth to the emotional turmoil that Danielle experiences as she navigates through her complicated relationships with Maya and Max. The music mirrors her inner conflict.

John Jones

Overall, the soundtrack of Shiva Baby is a crucial element in creating the film's atmosphere and enhancing the audience's emotional connection to the characters. The music effectively conveys the mix of humor, drama, and discomfort that defines Danielle's journey during the shiva gathering.