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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

So Is This

Title in Italiano:

So Is This

Title in Português:

So Is This


Experimental short in which sentences are formed by displaying one word at a time and at alternating speeds.

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So Is This
I Won't Give Up
Let My Love Open The Door
Watch Me
Death with Dignity
Hands To Myself
9 Crimes
Put Your Bags Down
Eyes Can’t Hide
Romeo and Juliet
Wish Away
Music's Got U
Can't Find My Way Home
Good Time Good Life
Blues Run the Game - 2001 Remaster
I've Never Been To Me
Time After Time
Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Re-Recorded)
Wild Wild West
Keep on Loving You
Some Day Soon
Dream It Up
If I Ever Was a Child
Someone To Watch Over Me
Best Day Ever
If You Can't Smile And Say Yes (Please Don't Cry And Say No) - Remastered
The Wind
You Can Call Me Al
Time Of No Reply
If Only
The Calvary Cross
Only at Christmas Time
The Little Drummer Boy
All That I Want
Northern Sky
Without You - Rerecording
Because Of You
Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Evergreen Cassette
Cattin' - Instrumental
This Is My Time
Party Go Boom (feat. Robyn Johnson)
My Funny Valentine
Without You - Remastered 2010
A Little More Line
The World's Smiling Now
Bring It On Home to Me
You Are My Sunshine
My Honey And Me
We Can Always Come Back To This
Feels so Good #2
Feels so Good #1