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Rating: 5.10/10 from 32000 votes
Tags: axe in the head, rotting corpse, accidental killing
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Hermandad de sangre

Title in Italiano:

Patto di sangue

Title in Português:

Irmandade de Sangue

Title in Français:

Soeurs de sang

Title in Türk:

Kızlar Tarikatinda Cinayet

Title in Deutsch:

Schön bis in den Tod


During a party in the Theta-Pi sorority house, the sister Megan plays a prank with her unstable boyfriend Garrett simulating an OD after using pills.

Her sisters Jessica, Claire, Ellie, Cassidy and Garrett's sister Chugs suggest to dump her "body" in a lake and the stressed Garrett sticks the tire iron through the Megan's chest killing her.

Cassidy decides to call the police, but the sisters are convinced to dispose the body in a shaft and keep in secret under the leadership of Jessica that blackmails Cassidy.

Eight months later, in their graduation party, the sisters receive a creepy message with the picture of the tire iron in the beginning of a nightmarish night.

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Sorority Row
Tear Me Up
Lucian Piane: Writer
I Like Dem Girls
Ali Dee: Writer
Chris Classic: Performer
Break It Down
Alana Da Fonseca: Performer
Ali Dee: Writer
Goodbye Summer
Zac Maloy: Writer
The Daylights: Performer
I Get Around
Martina Sorbara: Writer
Dragonette: Performer
Petit Pays
Cesária Évora: Performer
Say What You Want
Ali Dee: Writer
The DeeKompressors: Performer
Afternoons with You
Jeff Babko: Writer
Jeff Babko: Performer
Jealous of My Boogie
RuPaul: Writer
RuPaul: Performer
No You Girls
Franz Ferdinand: Writer
Franz Ferdinand: Performer
Get Up
Ali Dee: Writer
Doin' My Thing
Ali Dee: Writer
Ladytron: Performer
This Night
Lucian Piane: Writer
Get You Home
Shwayze: Performer
I Want Your Love
Chromatics: Performer
I'm Good, I'm Gone (Black Kids Remix)
Lykke Li: Performer
Bjorn Yttling: Writer
Tears for Affairs
Camera Obscura: Performer
Aimee Allen: Performer
Lucian Piane: Writer
Le Disko
Shiny Toy Guns: Performer
Jeremy Dawson: Writer
Petite Promenade
Jeremy Dawson: Performer
Doin' My Thing
Ali Dee: Performer
I'm Good, I'm Gone (Black Kids Remix)
Bjorn Yttling: Performer

User reviews

Charles Martinez

Overall, the soundtrack of Sorority Row missed the mark in capturing the sinister and chilling tone of the film, failing to create a cohesive and engaging auditory experience for the audience.

Joshua Campbell

The soundtrack of Sorority Row effectively sets the tone for the suspense and tension of the film. The use of eerie and atmospheric music enhances the creepy atmosphere of the plot, keeping the audience on edge throughout the movie.

Linda Evans

The choice of songs in the soundtrack seemed out of place and did not complement the dark themes of the movie. Instead of adding to the tension and drama, the music often distracted from the on-screen action, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story.

Andrew Martinez

The music in Sorority Row does a great job of building anticipation and creating a sense of impending danger. The combination of intense beats and haunting melodies adds to the overall sense of unease, making the viewer feel increasingly anxious as the story unfolds.

Elizabeth Scott

The soundtrack of Sorority Row felt disconnected from the suspenseful and intense atmosphere of the film. The music failed to enhance the emotional impact of key scenes, leaving them feeling flat and uninspired.

Joseph Campbell

I appreciated how the soundtrack of Sorority Row was able to capture the emotions of the characters, especially during the more intense and dramatic scenes. The music helped to convey the fear, guilt, and paranoia that the characters were experiencing, adding depth to their struggles and making the story more engaging.