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Star Wars

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Star Wars

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Star Wars


A young farm boy finds himself in the midst of an intergalactic conflict when he finds two droids that must be reunited with the Rebel Alliance and save the Galaxy from its greatest threat: The Galactic Empire's Death Star. Through the will of The Force, this farm boy will embark on an adventure that will decide the fate of the universe.

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Star Wars
Star Wars Main Title and the Arrival at Naboo
Duel of the Fates
Anakin's Theme
Jar Jar's Introduction and the Swim to Otoh Gunga
The Sith Spacecraft and the Droid Battle
The Trip to the Naboo Temple and the Audience with Boss Nass
The Arrival at Tatooine and the Flag Parade
He Is the Chosen One
Anakin Defeats Sebulba
Passage Through the Planet Core
Watto's Deal and Kids at Play
Panaka and the Queen's Protectors
Queen Amidala and the Naboo Palace
The Droid Invasion and the Appearance of Darth Maul
Qui-Gon's Noble End
The High Council Meeting and Qui-Gon's Funeral
Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits
Star Wars Main Title and Ambush on Coruscant
Across the Stars (Love Theme from "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones")
Zam the Assassin and the Chase Through Coruscant
Yoda and the Younglings
Departing Coruscant
Anakin and Padmé
Jango's Escape
The Meadow Picnic
Bounty Hunter's Pursuit
Return to Tatooine
The Tusken Camp and the Homestead
Love Pledge and the Arena
Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale
Ahsoka Saves Anakin
Plo Koon
Victory on Ryloth
Jedi Master Aayla Secura
Jedi Master Luminara
Anakin Wants Her Alive
Padmé and Ahsoka
Plo Koon Alone
Death of a Master
Maul, Savage and Viszla
Obi-wan and Satine
Ventress the Nightsister
Kit Fisto Duels Grievous
The Clones
Youngling Jedi
Anakin Sees His Future
Darth Maul Breaks Obi-wan
Maul and Savage Duel Palpatine
The Mandalorians of Death Watch
Jedi Eulogy
Rogue Jedi
Ahsoka’s Fall
Ahsoka Leaves
Duel in the Jedi Temple
Yoda’s Journey Ends
Bad Batch Theme - From "Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Final Season"
Star Wars Main Title & A Galaxy Divided