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Rating: 5.90/10 from 12000 votes
Tags: insectoid alien
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Starship Troopers: Invasion

Title in Italiano:

Starship Troopers: l'Invasione

Title in Português:

Starship Troopers: Invasion


To stop an all-out Arachnid attack on UCF's bug-ridden Fort Casey outpost, a brave rescue team drops in to evacuate any surviving troopers trapped in the military facility.

However, while en route to Earth aboard the Fast Attack Ship Alesia, General Carl Jenkins commandeers the massive John A. Warden starship from Captain Carmen Ibanez, and he disappears into deep space on a secret mission.

As General John Rico's recovery team embarks on a time-sensitive suicide mission, the battle-tested unit will learn first-hand that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Is mother Earth prepared for the intelligent insects' sinister master plan?

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Starship Troopers: Invasion
Klendathu Drop
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User reviews

Carol Wright

In addition, the use of electronic and synthesized sounds in the music felt out of place and detracted from the immersion in the futuristic sci-fi setting of the film. The soundtrack lacked depth and complexity, leaving me feeling unengaged and indifferent towards the musical accompaniment.

Kimberly Nelson

The composer skillfully blends electronic and traditional orchestral sounds, creating a unique and futuristic sound that fits the sci-fi setting of the movie.

Anthony Hall

The music perfectly mirrors the characters' inner turmoil and the gravity of the situations they find themselves in, enhancing the audience's connection to the story.

Joshua Harris

The use of orchestral elements in the music enhances the epic scale of the battle scenes, making them even more thrilling and impactful.

William Baker

The emotional depth conveyed through the music helps to connect the audience with the characters' struggles and triumphs, creating a more immersive cinematic experience.

Laura Harris

The seamless integration of the music with the on-screen action enhances the tension and excitement of key scenes, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the film.

Susan Williams

The dynamic and energetic tracks during action sequences heighten the adrenaline rush and excitement, making the battle scenes even more engaging.

Elizabeth Young

The dynamic range of the soundtrack, from thrilling battle themes to poignant moments of reflection, showcases the versatility and talent of the composers.

Paul Walker

The intense and epic orchestral score perfectly captures the high-stakes and action-packed nature of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Lisa Campbell

The soundtrack's diversity in styles and moods reflects the different facets of the plot, from intense combat to moments of reflection and introspection.

Matthew Young

Some tracks in the soundtrack effectively convey the emotional toll of war and sacrifice, adding a layer of depth to the narrative.

Margaret Lewis

The use of electronic elements in the soundtrack adds a modern and futuristic feel, complementing the sci-fi setting of the story.

Edward Nelson

The lack of memorable themes or melodies made it difficult to emotionally connect with the characters and the events unfolding on screen. The soundtrack felt generic and forgettable, failing to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Ashley Thomas

The haunting melodies in some tracks evoke a sense of danger and mystery, adding depth to the story and the characters' struggles.