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Rating: 6.40/10 from 21000 votes
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Stop Loss - Negócio de Sangue

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Görev Uğruna


Stop-Loss is a drama film that follows the story of a soldier named Brandon King who returns home to Texas after serving in Iraq. However, he is informed that he has been stop-lossed, meaning he is being forced to return to Iraq for another tour of duty.

Brandon is faced with the difficult decision of either obeying orders and returning to Iraq or going AWOL and facing the consequences. As he struggles with this dilemma, he must also deal with the emotional and psychological toll that his time in Iraq has taken on him.

Throughout the film, Brandon grapples with his sense of duty to his country, his loyalty to his fellow soldiers, and his desire to build a future for himself back home. Stop-Loss explores the impact of war on soldiers and their families, as well as the ethical dilemmas faced by those serving in the military.

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Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
Toby Keith: Writer
Stars and Stripes Forever
America the Beautiful
From Where I Stand
Ricky Calmbach: Writer
Dance Time in Texas
Ricky Calmbach: Performer
Wedding March
Richard Wagner: Writer
I'm Never Gonna Let You Go
Ricky Calmbach: Performer
I'm Comin' Home
Can't You See
Drowning Pool: Performer
Born on the Bayou
I'm Never Gonna Let You Go
Ricky Calmbach: Performer
I'm Comin' Home
Robert Earl Keen: Performer
Can't You See
Toy Caldwell Jr.: Performer

User reviews

Joseph Miller

The soundtrack of Stop-Loss felt disconnected from the emotional depth and intensity of the film's storyline. The music failed to capture the raw and complex emotions experienced by the characters, leaving a noticeable gap in enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Kimberly Johnson

The evocative use of instrumentation and soundscapes in the soundtrack helps to convey the harsh realities of war and the challenges faced by soldiers transitioning back to civilian life, adding depth to the storytelling.

Timothy Jones

The choice of songs in the soundtrack of Stop-Loss seemed generic and uninspired, lacking originality and failing to evoke any strong emotional response from the audience. The music felt like a missed opportunity to deepen the audience's connection to the characters' struggles and the themes of the film.

Mary Walker

The soundtrack of Stop-Loss effectively captures the emotional turmoil and inner conflict that Brandon faces upon being stop-lossed. The music enhances the intensity of the scenes and helps convey the weight of the decisions he must make.

David Williams

The use of haunting melodies and somber tones in the soundtrack effectively conveys the psychological toll of war and the struggles of soldiers returning home, adding a layer of realism to the film.

William Roberts

The way the music intensifies during key moments of decision-making or emotional revelation enhances the impact of those scenes, drawing the audience deeper into the character's journey.

Nancy Roberts

The soundtrack of Stop-Loss effectively underscores the sense of duty, sacrifice, and camaraderie central to the military experience, providing a powerful backdrop for the character's moral dilemma.

Thomas Martinez

The use of somber and haunting melodies in the soundtrack of Stop-Loss mirrors the somber mood of the film and effectively conveys the psychological toll that war has taken on Brandon and his fellow soldiers. The music adds depth to the storytelling and enhances the viewer's emotional connection to the characters.

Andrew Wright

Overall, the soundtrack of Stop-Loss is a poignant and evocative accompaniment to the film, effectively enhancing the emotional impact of Brandon's journey and the ethical dilemmas he faces. The music helps create a rich and immersive viewing experience that resonates with the audience long after the credits roll.

Nancy Turner

The emotional range of the music in Stop-Loss allows for moments of introspection, tension, and resolution, mirroring the complex journey of self-discovery and redemption undertaken by the protagonist.

Joshua Robinson

The emotional depth of the Stop-Loss soundtrack perfectly captures the inner turmoil and conflict faced by the main character, Brandon, making the viewing experience even more poignant.

Jennifer Williams

The seamless integration of the music with the narrative of Stop-Loss showcases the skillful craftsmanship of the composers in enhancing the storytelling and emotional resonance of the film.

Deborah Williams

The soundtrack of Stop-Loss features a mix of powerful orchestral compositions and poignant acoustic tracks that beautifully complement the themes of duty, loyalty, and sacrifice portrayed in the film. The music adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative and elevates the viewing experience.

James Baker

Overall, the Stop-Loss soundtrack stands out as a compelling and evocative musical companion to the film, effectively capturing the raw emotions and moral complexities at the heart of the story.

James Moore

The diversity of musical styles in the soundtrack, from solemn orchestral pieces to more contemporary tracks, mirrors the complexity of the themes explored in the film, creating a rich and immersive listening experience.