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Tags: m. bison character
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Street Fighter - Sfida finale

Title in Português:

Street Fighter - A Batalha Final


Street Fighter

Col. William Guile leads an army of soldiers into the country of Shadaloo to find traces to lead him to General M. Bison, who has captured many people including three missing soldiers. Among them is Carlos "Charlie" Blanka, in which Bison decides to turn into a hideous mutant. On the other hand, Chun Li is a reporter who seeks revenge against Bison for the death of her father years ago. Then two small time hustlers Ryu and Ken, are arrested along with Sagat, a powerful arms dealer and Vega for dealing of illegal weapons. Guile recruits them in order to find Bison's base. Now Guile, T. Hawk, Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Balrog and E. Honda have three days before Bison murders the hostages and takes over the world.

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Street Fighter
Street Fighter
Ice Cube: Performer
Ice Cube: Writer
"Rumbo N Da Jungo
Kerwin Young: Produced
Public Enemy: Performer
Bison Trooper's Marching Song
Graeme Revell: Performer
Steven E. de Souza: Lyrics
Take Charge
George Acogny: Writer
Street Soldier
Paris: Writer
Paris: Performer
Life As...
LL Cool J: Performer
LL Cool J: Writer
The Pharcyde: Performer
Imani: Writer
Worth Fighting For
Angélique Kidjo: Performer
Angélique Kidjo: Writer
Something There
Chage & Aska: Performer
Straight To My Feet
Bison Trooper's Marching Song
Steven E. de Souza: Performer

User reviews

Richard Hall

The use of traditional instruments and electronic elements in the soundtrack creates a unique blend of sounds that sets the tone for the martial arts sequences in the movie.

Dorothy Hall

The composition of the soundtrack often felt generic and forgettable, with no standout tracks or memorable melodies that enhanced the viewing experience or left a lasting impression after the movie ended.

Andrew Perez

The soundtrack of Street Fighter is a perfect blend of energetic and adrenaline-pumping music that complements the action-packed gameplay of the game.

Edward Campbell

Overall, the soundtrack of Street Fighter is a standout element of the game that contributes significantly to its success and lasting appeal among players of all ages.

Mark Garcia

The dynamic and fast-paced tempo of the music perfectly matches the intensity of the battles in the game, keeping players engaged and motivated to keep playing.

Amanda Thompson

The music in Street Fighter effectively enhances the different character arcs and storylines within the film. Each character has their own theme that reflects their personality and motives.

Matthew Harris

The score of Street Fighter successfully builds tension and suspense during key moments, making the audience feel more engaged and invested in the unfolding events.

Jennifer Perez

The memorable main theme of Street Fighter is catchy and iconic, leaving a lasting impression on viewers long after the movie has ended. It effectively ties the film together and reinforces its themes of heroism and camaraderie.

Karen Campbell

The soundtrack of Street Fighter felt monotonous and uninspired, lacking the energy and excitement that one would expect from a movie based on a popular video game franchise.

David Davis

The iconic character themes, such as Ryu's and Chun Li's, are instantly recognizable and enhance the gaming experience by creating a strong connection between the player and the character.

John Smith

The diversity of musical styles and genres in the soundtrack of Street Fighter adds layers of complexity to the overall viewing experience, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Donna Miller

The variety of musical styles used in the soundtrack, from rock to electronic, provides a diverse and exciting listening experience that caters to different tastes.

Melissa Garcia

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for each stage in the game, creating a unique atmosphere that enhances the overall gaming experience and immerses players in the world of Street Fighter.

Amanda Garcia

The soundtrack of Street Fighter perfectly captures the intense and action-packed atmosphere of the movie. The energetic beats and melodies add a lot of excitement to the fight scenes.

Andrew Lee

The composition of the soundtrack is top-notch, with catchy melodies and memorable motifs that stay with the player even after they have finished playing the game.

Paul Johnson

The use of different musical themes for each character in the game adds depth and personality to the overall soundtrack, making it more engaging and immersive.

Deborah Evans

The sound effects and voice samples integrated into the music add a layer of authenticity to the soundtrack, making it feel like a true extension of the game world.

John Perez

The musical score failed to capture the essence of the characters and the intense action sequences of the film, leaving a disconnect between the visuals on screen and the accompanying music.

Andrew Lee

Overall, the soundtrack of Street Fighter is a dynamic and integral component of the movie, enhancing the storytelling and action sequences with its powerful and evocative music.