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Rating: 6.70/10 from 94000 votes
Tags: spontaneity
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Noviembre dulce

Title in Italiano:

Sweet November - Dolce novembre

Title in Português:

Doce Novembro

Title in Français:

Sweet November

Title in Türk:

Kasımda aşk başkadır


The story centers around a man and a woman, whose fates are intertwined and will change forever.

Nelson is an

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Sweet November
BT: Writer
BT: Performer
Rock DJ (Nevin's Future Ass Remix Edit)
Robbie Williams: Writer
Robbie Williams: Performer
Heart Door
Paula Cole: Writer
Paula Cole: Produced
Paula Cole: Performer
Off the Hook
Barenaked Ladies: Performer
Steven Page: Writer
Consequences of Falling
Billy Steinberg: Writer
k.d. lang: Performer
My Number
Tegan and Sara: Performer
Tegan Quin: Writer
The Other Half of Me
Bobby Darin: Performer
Baby Work Out
Jackie Wilson: Writer
Jackie Wilson: Performer
Middle of the Night
Rick Braun: Performer
Only Time
Enya: Writer
Enya: Performer
You Deserve To Be Loved
Dillon O'Brian: Writer
Touched by an Angel
John Shanks: Produced
Stevie Nicks: Writer
Stevie Nicks: Performer
Time After Time
Jule Styne: Writer
Keanu Reeves: Performer
G. Marq Roswell: Produced
Wherever You Are
Larry Klein: Writer
Larry Klein: Produced
Celeste Prince: Performer
Amanda Ghost: Writer
Amanda Ghost: Performer
Rock DJ (Nevin's Future Ass Remix Edit)
Robbie Williams: Performer

User reviews

Carol Hall

I found the soundtrack of Sweet November to be quite uninspiring and forgettable. The music failed to capture the emotional depth of the story and felt like a missed opportunity to enhance the overall experience.

Timothy Thompson

The music perfectly complements the bittersweet and heartfelt moments in the film, adding depth and resonance to the story.

Margaret Roberts

The emotional power of the music in Sweet November lingers long after the film ends, resonating with viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

Timothy Baker

Each track in the soundtrack evokes a sense of hope and transformation, mirroring the profound impact that Nelson and Sara's love has on each other's lives.

Mary Davis

The soundtrack of Sweet November perfectly captures the emotional journey of the main characters, enhancing the depth and impact of their intertwined fates.

Steven Phillips

The variety of musical styles in the soundtrack adds richness and dimension to the storytelling, enhancing the audience's connection to the characters.

Mark Thomas

The soundtrack of Sweet November beautifully captures the emotional journey of the main characters, Nelson and Sara, as their lives become intertwined and ultimately transformed.

Carol Mitchell

The music perfectly complements the evolving relationship between Nelson and Sara, adding a layer of poignancy and nostalgia to their journey.

Carol Clark

Overall, the soundtrack of Sweet November is a poignant and evocative accompaniment to the story, enhancing the emotional impact of the film and enriching the viewing experience.

Edward Thompson

The lack of variety in the musical themes made the soundtrack feel repetitive and monotonous. I was hoping for more diversity in the compositions to better reflect the different emotional moments in the film, but unfortunately, it fell short in that aspect.

Susan Young

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of longing and melancholy, mirroring the complex relationship between Nelson and Sara.

Thomas White

The music in Sweet November creates a beautiful and haunting atmosphere that lingers long after the movie ends, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Linda Thompson

Each track in the soundtrack of Sweet November seems to tell a story of its own, perfectly complementing the narrative and adding layers of depth and emotion to the film.

Linda King

The use of piano and strings in the soundtrack creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, reflecting the emotional struggles and growth of the characters.

Jennifer Adams

The soundtrack effectively conveys the passage of time and the evolving dynamics between Nelson and Sara, drawing viewers deeper into their journey.

Mark Harris

The soundtrack of Sweet November beautifully captures the emotional depth of the story, enhancing the connection between the main characters and the audience.

Thomas Miller

Overall, I was disappointed with the soundtrack of Sweet November as it failed to leave a lasting impression on me. The music did not resonate with me or add any significant value to the storytelling, which was a letdown considering the potential impact it could have had on the overall viewing experience.