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Tags: single man divorced woman relationship, mother and son relationship, japanese investor, rainstorm
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Sweet Talker

Title in Italiano:

Simpatico truffatore

Title in Português:

Sweet Talker


Con artist Harry Reynolds is released from prison armed with his partners research for a new scam. Harry heads for the dying town of Beachport near the coast of Australia where he cons the locals into investing big bucks into his scam (the recovery of an old ship and the building of a theme park). Complications arise when Harry falls for the local hotel owner Julie and her young son David.

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Sweet Talker
Bad Water
Gene Watson: Performer
Jimmy Holiday: Writer
Let the Four Winds Blow
Fats Domino: Performer
David Bartholomew: Writer
I Cried for You
Billie Holiday: Performer
Gus Arnheim: Writer
Put Your Trust in Me
Richard Thompson: Writer
Richard Thompson: Performer
To Hang a Dream On
Richard Thompson: Writer
Richard Thompson: Performer
Richard Thompson: Writer
Richard Thompson: Performer