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Tags: man runs naked
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Yoav, a young Israeli man, has a one-way ticket to Paris believing France to be his salvation from what he sees as the madness of his country. Things don't get off to a great start as he discovers his living arrangement is unfit for living, yet his grandiose expectations leave no room for a failure to adapt. Wholehearted in his resolution to erase his Jewish-Israeli origins, he refuses to speak Hebrew and obsessively studies his constant companion, a French dictionary. He develops a particularly strong bond with his privileged neighbor who symbolizes - to Yoav - the French promise of fraternité. Nothing can extinguish Yoav's determination to be thoroughly French. Based on the real-life experiences of writer-director Nadav Lapid, SYNONYMS explores the conflicted realm of fervent Nationalism and the challenges of putting down roots in a foreign land.

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Concerto in E Minor for Violoncello and Orchestra Op. 85
Edward Elgar: Composer
Maria Kliegel: Performer
Concerto pour violon en mi mineur, op 64, I. andante
Here Come the Girls
Allen Toussaint: Writer
Ernie K-Doe: Performer
Pump Up the Jam
Technotronic: Performer
Manuela Kamosi: Writer
Pink Martini: Performer
China Forbes: Writer
Pink Martini: Performer
China Forbes: Writer
Shimrit Or: Lyrics
Herut Cohen: Performer
National Anthem - France
Divertimento in D Major, KV. 136: I Allegro
Symphonie no 35 en re majeur, KV 385
Concerto for Oboe and Strings, Introduzione: Larguetto - Orchestra in C Major
Domenico Cimarosa: Composer

User reviews

James Clark

The soundtrack of Synonymes adds a layer of intensity and emotion to the film, enhancing the main character's journey of self-discovery and cultural assimilation. The music captures the complexity of Yoav's inner turmoil as he tries to erase his past and embrace a new identity in a foreign country.

Jennifer Davis

The use of subtle melodies and atmospheric sounds in the soundtrack of Synonymes creates a sense of unease and disorientation, mirroring Yoav's own feelings of alienation and detachment from his Israeli roots. The music effectively conveys the psychological struggles faced by the protagonist throughout the film.

Edward Martinez

The music enhances the atmosphere of the film, evoking a sense of longing, alienation, and cultural disconnection that Yoav experiences throughout the story.

Nancy Evans

The incorporation of traditional French music motifs and contemporary electronic elements in the soundtrack of Synonymes reflects the clash of cultures and identities explored in the film. The juxtaposition of different musical styles adds depth and richness to the storytelling, underscoring the themes of belonging and adaptation.

Edward Hall

The use of music in Synonymes adds depth and nuance to the narrative, providing a powerful and immersive experience for the audience.

Melissa King

Overall, the soundtrack of Synonymes is a powerful and evocative complement to the visual narrative, providing a sonic landscape that immerses the audience in Yoav's quest for self-identity and belonging in a foreign land.

Dorothy Hernandez

The soundtrack of Synonymes perfectly captures the emotional journey of the main character, Yoav, as he navigates his complex identity crisis in a foreign land.