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Rating: 7.90/10 from 15000 votes
Tags: child thief, taking a shower, hitchhiking, urinating on the floor, wet pants
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System Crasher

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System Crasher

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System Crasher

She is small, but dangerous. Wherever Benni ends up, she is immediately expelled. The wild 9-year-old girl has already become what child-protection services call a "system crasher". And she is certainly not looking to change her ways. Because Benni has one single goal: to be back at home with her mommy. But Bianca is scared of her own daughter. Mrs. Bafané from child protection services is trying her best to find a permanent placement for Benni. She hires anger-management trainer Micha to be Benni's school escort and suddenly there is a seed of hope. Will Micha be able to succeed where all others failed?

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System Crasher
Wie schön, dass du geboren bist
Rolf Zuckowski: Writer
Ain't Got No, I Got Life
Nina Simone: Performer
Galt MacDermot: Performer

User reviews

Richard Lee

The music not only enhances the raw and powerful performances of the actors but also serves as a powerful storytelling tool, creating a haunting atmosphere that stays with you long after the movie ends. The haunting melodies and poignant lyrics effortlessly convey Benni's inner turmoil and struggles, making the viewer truly empathize with her character.

George Young

Overall, the soundtrack of System Crasher adds depth and complexity to the story, elevating the viewing experience and leaving a lasting impression. It effectively conveys the turbulent inner world of Benni and enhances the narrative of her quest for acceptance and love.

Timothy Davis

Overall, the soundtrack of System Crasher is a work of art that elevates the film to another level, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who experiences it.

Melissa Baker

The use of different musical motifs throughout the film helps to convey Benni's inner turmoil and longing for a sense of belonging in a poignant way.

Dorothy Walker

The dynamic range of the score effectively mirrors the conflicting emotions and struggles faced by the characters, adding layers of complexity to the storytelling.

Margaret Gonzalez

The soundtrack of System Crasher perfectly captures the chaotic and emotional journey of the main character, Benni. The music intensifies the sense of urgency and turmoil in Benni's life, making the audience feel her inner turmoil.

Matthew Hill

The emotional depth of the soundtrack perfectly captures the turbulent journey of Benni, the main character, in System Crasher.

Karen Smith

Overall, the music in System Crasher elevates the viewing experience by providing a compelling and evocative backdrop that enhances the narrative and emotional impact of the story.

Jennifer Moore

The soundtrack of System Crasher is a masterpiece that perfectly captures the emotional intensity of the film. Each track immerses you in Benni's turbulent world, evoking a rollercoaster of feelings that resonate deeply with the audience.

Karen Clark

The soundtrack succeeds in creating a powerful connection between the viewers and the characters, evoking empathy and understanding through its evocative melodies.

Jennifer Phillips

The use of music in key moments of the film helps to create a strong emotional connection with Benni's character. The soundtrack enhances the raw emotions and vulnerability of the protagonist, making her struggles feel even more real and heartbreaking.

Kenneth Taylor

The music enhances the intensity of the film, immersing the audience in the chaotic world of a system crasher like Benni.