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Rating: 7.10/10 from 464000 votes
Tags: loss of virginity, teen sex, 40 year old, porn star
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Virgen a los 40

Title in Italiano:

40 anni vergine

Title in Português:

Virgem aos 40 Anos


Forty-year-old Andy, an electronics store shipping clerk, is a stereotypical geek, who plays video games and takes care of his collectible action figures. He has no real friends and spends most of his time away from work by himself. Despite having an interest in the opposite sex philosophically as witnessed by his constant and uncontrollable morning erections, he is still a virgin. He never planned not to have sex, but it became more and more difficult to have that first experience as he got older, to the point where, to him, it became a reality for his life.

When his work colleagues find out, some mock and ridicule him, while a small group comprised of Dave, Jay and Cal take it upon themselves to help him get laid, despite each of three having their own relationship issue making them perhaps not the best people to provide advice or assistance. Andy also gets some unexpected suggestions from some standing on the sidelines of his life.

Beyond that advice, Andy has to be the one to take the ultimate step to reality, he not only having no practical experience, but also no theoretical experience in that he doesn't even watch or have interest in porn or masturbate. Some of the advice he receives centers on the actual woman who should be his first time. Regardless of that advice, he decides that the woman he truly wants is Trish, a specialty retailer with a somewhat useless bricks and mortar outlet across the street from the electronics store. As Andy pursues then eventually falls for Trish, he has to decide how much of his true self he will divulge to her.

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The 40 Year-Old Virgin
A Life of Illusion
Joe Walsh: Writer
Joe Walsh: Performer
Minute by Minute
Michael McDonald: Writer
Michael McDonald: Performer
Wolfgang Amadeus: Performer
Takin' It to the Streets
Michael McDonald: Writer
Michael McDonald: Performer
Rump Shaker
The Emotions: Performer
Wreckx-N-Effect: Performer
Aqil Davidson: Writer
Side Project
Transcenders: Writer
Transcenders: Performer
Train of Disaster
Brian Tichy: Writer
Brian Tichy: Performer
Word Up
Larry Blackmon: Writer
Sharing the Night Together
Ava Aldridge: Writer
Anchors Aweigh
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
I Got Ants in My Pants
Push It
Fine Women
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Get Ur Freak On
Stand Up Tall
Just Got Lucky
Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
I'm Every Woman
Shiawase Nara Te Wo Tatakou
Tammy's Dream
Sheepskin Tearaway
Believe It or Not (The Greatest American Hero - Theme)
After Party
Hot This Year
Red Light Special
Goodnight Lilly / We Kissed
Jesu Joy
Heat of the Moment
Caminos De Michoacan
Aquarius / Let the Sun Shine in
Satin Sounds
Goodnight Lilly/We Kissed
Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

User reviews

Laura Brown

The soundtrack effectively reflects Andy's journey from a socially awkward and inexperienced man to someone who is willing to take risks and pursue love. The music mirrors his emotional growth and adds a layer of complexity to his character arc.

Lisa Martin

The use of classic tracks like Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In by The 5th Dimension adds a fun and lively energy to key scenes, making them even more memorable.

Donald Mitchell

The choice of songs in the film's soundtrack often feels out of place and disrupts the narrative flow, making it difficult for viewers to fully immerse themselves in Andy's journey towards self-discovery and love. The abrupt transitions between scenes and musical cues create a jarring experience, detracting from the overall viewing experience and undermining the film's intended emotional impact.

Mary Lopez

The soundtrack of The 40-Year-Old Virgin perfectly captures the awkward and comedic tone of the movie, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Melissa Baker

The diverse range of music genres featured in the soundtrack, from rock to R&B, adds layers to the storytelling and showcases the eclectic tastes of the characters, making it a well-rounded and enjoyable listening experience.

Kimberly Smith

The selection of songs in the soundtrack helps set the nostalgic tone of the film, bringing back memories of the early 2000s and adding depth to the story.

James Nelson

Overall, the soundtrack of The 40-Year-Old Virgin is a standout element of the film, contributing to its overall charm and appeal. It complements the narrative perfectly and elevates the viewing experience for the audience.

Thomas King

The soundtrack effectively mirrors the emotional journey of the main character, Andy, as he navigates the challenges of love and self-discovery, creating a strong connection between the music and the narrative.

Joshua Brown

The use of classic rock songs in the soundtrack adds a nostalgic feel to the film, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort for the audience. The song choices are cleverly integrated into the story, enhancing key scenes and creating memorable moments.

William Young

The soundtrack of The 40-Year-Old Virgin perfectly captures the awkward and humorous tone of the movie. The music enhances the comedic moments and adds depth to Andy's character development.

Richard Baker

The soundtrack of The 40-Year-Old Virgin lacks emotional depth and fails to capture the complexity of Andy's internal struggles as a socially awkward and inexperienced man. The music feels generic and does not enhance the storytelling, leaving a disconnect between the character development and the audience's emotional engagement.