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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Anniversary Party

Title in Italiano:

The Anniversary Party

Title in Português:

Um Casamento Atribulado


The Anniversary Party is a film about a couple, Joe and Sally Therrian, who decide to throw a party to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. The party is attended by their friends and colleagues from the entertainment industry.

As the night progresses, secrets and tensions begin to surface among the guests. Joe and Sally's relationship is put to the test as they confront their own issues and those of their friends.

The film explores themes of love, marriage, and friendship as the characters navigate through their personal struggles and conflicts. The party becomes a catalyst for emotional revelations and unexpected twists that ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

The Anniversary Party is a drama-comedy that offers a realistic portrayal of the complexities of modern relationships and the challenges of maintaining love and connection in the face of adversity.

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The Anniversary Party
Far East Blues
Henry Mancini: Writer
Henry Mancini: Performer
I Recognize Love
Owen Kline: Writer
Owen Kline: Performer
I May Never Go Home Anymore
Jack Brooks: Writer
Marlene Dietrich: Performer
Henry Mancini: Writer
Sammy Kaye: Performer
Bob Florence: Writer
Bob Florence: Performer
Comin' Home Baby
Bob Dorough: Writer
Mel Tormé: Performer
There Is No Greater Love
Stealing My Love From Me
A Man and a Woman
I Know A Place
Barely A Sound
It's A Motherf#&!@r
Sonata No. 1 (Adagio)
If Your Love Is True
Did You Ever See A Lassie
Love Is Real
Requiem for Sally & Joe
Too Much Too Young
The Object
A Lot Of Livin' To Do
A Perfect Day To Chase Tornados
America The Beautiful