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Rating: 7.20/10 from 101000 votes
Tags: charade, pretense, sham, man pretends to be a woman
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Una jaula de grillos

Title in Italiano:

Piume di struzzo

Title in Português:

Casa de Doidas


Lies and deception - it's all in the family when a man must convince his future in-laws that he's as uptight as they are. Armand and Albert have built the perfect life for themselves tending to their gaudy Miami nightclub. But their pastel tranquility is shaken when Armand's son announces that he's getting married to the daughter of ultra-conservative Senator Keeley... and they're all getting together for dinner. Can Armand and Albert transform themselves into Mr. - and Mrs. - Family Values in time? It'll take the performance of their lives, but they'll do anything - and everything - to pull the chiffon over Keeley's eyes.

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The Birdcage
La virgen lloraba
La Lupe: Performer
La Lupe: Writer
Mi Guajira
Cachao: Performer
Cachao: Writer
Lady Marmalade
Bob Crewe: Writer
She Works Hard for the Money
Donna Summer: Writer
Hank Azaria: Performer
The Man That Got Away
Ira Gershwin: Writer
I Could Have Danced All Night
Alan Jay Lerner: Writer
Nathan Lane: Performer
We Are Family
Bernard Edwards: Writer
Little Dream
Stephen Sondheim: Writer
Nathan Lane: Performer
Love Is In the Air
Stephen Sondheim: Writer
Robin Williams: Performer
Can That Boy Fox Trot
Stephen Sondheim: Writer
Nathan Lane: Performer
William Tell Overture
No Pain for Cakes
The Lounge Lizards: Performer
Family Salsa
Bernard Edwards: Writer
It Takes All Kinds

User reviews

Charles Young

The songs featured in the film convey a sense of urgency and desperation as the characters navigate through the challenges of pretending to be something they're not, creating a dynamic and engaging musical backdrop.

Michelle Miller

The music in The Birdcage feels outdated and out of touch with the contemporary setting of the film. The soundtrack does not enhance the storytelling or create a cohesive atmosphere, resulting in a jarring and disjointed listening experience that detracts from the overall viewing pleasure.

Charles Walker

The use of music in The Birdcage adds depth to the emotional journey of the characters, highlighting the complexities of family dynamics and the lengths one would go to in order to protect their loved ones.

Charles Nelson

The soundtrack of The Birdcage captures the essence of the film's comedic and chaotic storyline, setting the tone for the hilarious lies and deception that unfold within the plot.

Donna Baker

The score of The Birdcage seamlessly blends different musical styles to reflect the diverse characters and situations in the movie. From upbeat and lively tracks to more emotional and poignant melodies, the soundtrack elevates the overall viewing experience and keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Joshua Robinson

The music complements the gaudy and flamboyant Miami nightclub setting of the film, blending perfectly with the over-the-top characters and their extravagant lifestyle.

Mary Roberts

The Birdcage's soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of the film's comedic and chaotic storyline. The music enhances the scenes of lies and deception, adding depth and emotion to the characters' performances.

Margaret Turner

The soundtrack's blend of classic hits and original compositions perfectly complements the film's vibrant and colorful setting, making it a joy to listen to even outside of the movie's context.

Michelle Mitchell

The soundtrack effectively enhances the tension and humor during the scenes where Armand and Albert attempt to transform themselves into conservative personas, adding an extra layer of entertainment to their performances.

Thomas Phillips

The soundtrack of The Birdcage lacks diversity and depth, with repetitive musical themes that become monotonous and uninspiring. It fails to evoke the emotions and complexities of the characters, leaving a shallow and forgettable impression on the audience.

Edward White

The soundtrack of The Birdcage perfectly captures the essence of the film's comedic and chaotic tone. The music enhances the scenes of lies and deception, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Linda Wilson

The use of lively and upbeat tunes in contrast with moments of tension and drama creates a dynamic listening experience that mirrors the characters' journey of transformation and self-discovery.

Laura Wilson

The Birdcage soundtrack fails to capture the fun and vibrant atmosphere of the Miami nightclub setting portrayed in the film. The music lacks energy and fails to enhance the scenes, making it feel disconnected from the story.

John Baker

Overall, the soundtrack of The Birdcage is a delightful mix of lively and eccentric tunes that perfectly encapsulates the whimsical charm and satirical humor of the film, making it a memorable musical experience for viewers.