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Rating: 6.10/10 from 177000 votes
Tags: hostage
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Un loco a domicilio

Title in Italiano:

Il rompiscatole

Title in Português:

O Melga


Steven Kovacs has moved into his own apartment after a failed marriage proposal to his girlfriend results in the duo deciding to spend some time away from each other.

Steven's new cable guy, who refers to himself as "Chip Douglas," arranges a deal with Steven to give him free cable. Chip sees this as an opportunity to start a friendship with Steven.

Despite some roadbumps, the duo hit it off. But after Chip reveals himself to be a nuisance, Steven cuts his ties with him.

Vowing revenge, Chip goes all out to get back at Steven in any way possible. How far will Chip go in his bid for retribution, and how much torment can Steven take?

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The Cable Guy
My Three Sons Theme
TV Is the Thing This Year
End of the World Is Coming
This Is
Hey Man, Nice Shot
Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand
The Ancient Battle/2nd Kroykah
American Woman
Rock the Boat
Somebody To Love
Salt Peanuts
Satellite of Love
Oh Sweet Nuthin'
The Last Assassin
More Human Than Human
Mod Squad Theme
Garota De Ipanema
Bad Boys
I Love Lucy
Leave Me Alone
Get Outta My Head
Oh Sweet Nuthin'
Lou Reed: Performer

User reviews

Edward Davis

Overall, the soundtrack of The Cable Guy missed the mark in delivering a cohesive and impactful musical accompaniment to the narrative. It failed to engage the audience and fell short of enhancing the viewing experience.

William Jackson

The soundtrack effectively mirrors the emotional journey of the characters, from moments of light-hearted humor to intense conflict, enhancing the audience's connection to the story.

William Martin

The soundtrack of The Cable Guy perfectly captures the quirky and darkly comedic tone of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Thomas Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of The Cable Guy is a standout aspect of the film, showcasing the importance of music in enhancing the narrative and evoking a range of emotions in the audience.

Joshua Robinson

The use of various musical genres in the soundtrack reflects the different moods and emotions portrayed throughout the movie, creating a dynamic and engaging auditory experience.

John Anderson

The musical choices in the film help to create a sense of unease and tension during pivotal moments, adding depth to the storytelling.

Ashley Hernandez

The iconic songs featured in the film, such as Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane, become integral to the scenes they accompany, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.

Kimberly Miller

Overall, the soundtrack of The Cable Guy is a masterful blend of music and sound design that enhances the film's dark humor and psychological thriller elements, making it a standout feature of the movie.

George Davis

The use of sound effects and music in key scenes amplifies the impact of the film's most intense moments, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Edward Campbell

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the film's narrative enhances the storytelling, allowing the audience to immerse themselves fully in the unfolding drama.

Dorothy King

The score of The Cable Guy effectively builds suspense and amplifies the sense of unease as Chip's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and menacing.

Amanda Rodriguez

The music selection in the film perfectly complements the escalating tension between Steven and Chip, adding depth to their complex relationship.

Richard Thomas

The soundtrack of The Cable Guy failed to capture the tension and suspense of the storyline. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the emotional depth needed to enhance the viewer's experience.

Kimberly Miller

The choice of songs in the film felt out of place and did not complement the scenes they were paired with. It was distracting and took away from the overall atmosphere the movie was trying to create.

Carol Clark

The soundtrack's eclectic mix of songs adds an extra layer of depth to the characters and their motivations, enriching the overall viewing experience.

Timothy Campbell

The soundtrack of The Cable Guy effectively captures the suspenseful and quirky tone of the movie, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Betty Jones

The music choices in The Cable Guy effectively convey the psychological warfare between Steven and Chip, heightening the sense of paranoia and tension.

Linda Lee

The use of various genres in the soundtrack, from alternative rock to orchestral pieces, showcases the versatility and creativity of the music selection.

Brian Clark

The original score of the film effectively builds suspense and heightens the sense of impending danger, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.