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Rating: 5.40/10 from 100000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El círculo

Title in Italiano:

The Circle

Title in Português:

O Círculo


When her car breaks down, Mae Holland contacts an old acquaintance, Mercer, who is liked by her parents: Vinnie - Mae's father - has multiple sclerosis and needs the help of his wife, Bonnie. Mae's friend Annie Allerton works at The Circle, a tech company where Mae gets a job in Customer Experience. At a company meeting, Eamon Bailey (The Circle's CEO) introduces SeeChange, which uses small cameras placed anywhere to provide real-time video. At work, Mae rises in The Circle, embracing social networking. At a further company presentation emphasizing the need for accountability in politics, The Circle's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Tom Stenton, introduces a political candidate who has agreed to open her daily workings to the public through Circle.

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The Circle
Metal Guru
Marc Bolan: Writer
T. Rex: Performer
With Fun In My Life
Ellis Taylor: Writer
Beck: Writer
Beck: Performer
Farewell Transmission
Jason Molina: Writer
Songs: Ohia: Performer
Supreme Cuts: Performer
Would You Want Me
Grant Widmer: Writer
Generationals: Performer
Simple Gifts
Jon Thor Birgisson: Performer
Alex Somers: Mixed & engineered
Ted Jensen: Mastered
Assiyo Bellema
Mulatu Astatke: Performer

User reviews

Sarah Adams

I found the soundtrack of The Circle to be quite unremarkable and uninspiring. The music failed to evoke any emotions or enhance the scenes in a meaningful way.

Patricia Anderson

The choice of songs felt disconnected from the narrative, causing a jarring effect that took away from the overall viewing experience.

Melissa Phillips

The soundtrack of The Circle seamlessly integrated with the visuals, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Matthew Turner

The use of electronic elements in the soundtrack of The Circle helped to create a futuristic and tech-savvy atmosphere.

Amanda Lewis

The music in The Circle perfectly underscored the transformation of Mae's character as she delved deeper into the company's culture.

Richard Hill

The soundtrack of The Circle effectively captures the tension and intrigue of the corporate tech world portrayed in the film.

Michael Taylor

Overall, I believe that the soundtrack of The Circle contributed significantly to the storytelling and character development in the film.

Ronald Williams

The lack of memorable melodies or impactful musical moments left me feeling underwhelmed and disengaged from the film's soundtrack.

George Hernandez

The emotional moments in the film were enhanced by the evocative and poignant musical themes present in the soundtrack of The Circle.

Betty Baker

I appreciated how the soundtrack of The Circle mirrored the increasingly invasive nature of technology and social media in our lives.

Jennifer Robinson

While the music in The Circle did a good job of setting the mood for each scene, I felt that it sometimes overshadowed the dialogue.

George Clark

I found the music in The Circle to be a bit repetitive at times, lacking in variety and originality.