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Tags: reference to monopoly the game
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The Con Artist


After five years in prison for grand theft auto, Vince returns to Toronto. Kranski, his old boss, insists that he repay a large debt (money lost in his arrest) by boosting cars. His cover is a mechanic's job at Kranski's garage. In his spare time, Vince welds pieces of scrap metal into sculptures; a trendy gallery owner spots one and sells it for thousands and commissions more. Art might be Vince's ticket out if he can get Kranski off his back. Meanwhile, Vince's prolix parole officer is circling, and Kristen, the gallery owner's assistant, beguiles Vince.

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The Con Artist
Larry's Theme
King Of Pain
13 Steps Lead Down
On a More Serious Note
Humans from Earth
Little Atoms
Can't Take This Town
Stick Rock
Graduation Day
The French Inhaler
Walkin' On The Sun
If I Were You
Everybody Naked
Spinning Wheel
My Little Chicken
Theme From Dr. Pyser
The King of Talk TV
Heartland Feeling (beck)
Get Out Of This House