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Rating: 7.30/10 from 32000 votes
Tags: reading aloud from a book, baptist church, existentialism
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El final de la gira

Title in Português:

The End of the Tour

Title in Français:

The End of the Tour

Title in Türk:

Yolun Sonu

Title in Deutsch:

The End of the Tour


The End of the Tour

The End of the Tour is a film based on the true story of a five-day interview between Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky and acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace. The interview took place right after the publication of Wallace's groundbreaking novel "Infinite Jest" and explores the complexities of fame, friendship, and the creative process.

The film delves into the deep conversations and debates that the two Davids have during their time together, as Lipsky tries to understand the enigmatic Wallace and his views on life, literature, and success. As the interview progresses, the two men form a bond that is both professional and personal, leading to moments of introspection and self-discovery.

The End of the Tour is a poignant and thought-provoking film that offers a glimpse into the mind of one of the most influential writers of his generation. It captures the essence of Wallace's brilliance and vulnerability, as well as the complexities of human connection and the pursuit of artistic excellence.

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The End of the Tour
Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
Lawrence: Writer
Felt: Performer
City Sickness
Stuart Staples: Writer
Tindersticks: Performer
Disco 2000
Nick Banks: Writer
Pulp: Performer
New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
Bill Berry: Writer
R.E.M.: Performer
Never My Love
The Association: Performer
Dance Hall Days
Wang Chung: Performer
Darren Costin: Writer
They Don't Know
Kirsty MacColl: Writer
Tracey Ullman: Performer
I Can't Wait
John Smith: Writer
Nu Shooz: Performer
Gold Soundz
Stephen Malkmus: Writer
Pavement: Performer
Perfect Circle
Bill Berry: Writer
R.E.M.: Performer
Bill Berry: Writer
R.E.M.: Performer
When You Were My Baby
Our Lips Are Sealed
Fun Boy Three: Performer
Terry Hall: Writer
Chaka Khan: Performer
Christine McVie: Writer
You Oughta Know
Alanis Morissette: Performer
Glen Ballard: Writer
Hans Zimmer: Writer
Vincent Scotto: Writer
The Big Ship
Brian Eno: Writer
Brian Eno: Performer
Tindersticks: Performer
Scott Kanberg: Writer
They Don't Know
Kirsty MacColl: Performer
I Can't Wait
John Smith: Performer
Terry Hall: Performer

User reviews

John Johnson

The music choices feel uninspired and generic, lacking the nuance and subtlety needed to enhance the storytelling.

Kenneth Turner

The soundtrack of The End of the Tour perfectly captures the emotional depth and introspective nature of the film.

Patricia Hall

Overall, the soundtrack of The End of the Tour is a masterful work of art that elevates the film to a whole new level of emotional resonance and impact.

Timothy Brown

The music enhances the dialogue and scenes, creating a powerful and immersive viewing experience.

Amanda Roberts

The choice of songs and instrumental pieces complements the themes of fame, friendship, and creativity explored in the film.

John Johnson

The soundtrack of The End of the Tour perfectly complements the introspective and reflective nature of the film. The music sets the tone for the deep conversations and emotional moments between David Lipsky and David Foster Wallace, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Steven Smith

The soundtrack showcases a diverse range of musical styles and genres, adding richness and texture to the overall cinematic experience.

Steven Phillips

The End of the Tour has a soundtrack that fails to capture the emotional depth and complexity of the film's themes and characters.

Anthony Wilson

Overall, the soundtrack of The End of the Tour feels like a missed opportunity to elevate the viewing experience and connect on a deeper level with the audience.

Linda Wilson

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for each scene, adding layers of meaning and depth to the storytelling.

Karen King

The use of subtle and melancholic melodies in the soundtrack helps to convey the inner struggles and complexities of the characters, adding depth and emotional resonance to their interactions. The music serves as a powerful storytelling tool, creating a sense of intimacy and connection between the audience and the characters on screen.