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Rating: 6.30/10 from 122000 votes
Tags: mafia, family dog, barbeque grill, girl beating up a boy
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Cose nostre - Malavita

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In New York, mobster Giovanni Manzoni makes a deal with FBI agent Robert Stansfield and snitches on his Mafia family. In return, Giovanni is sent into the Witness Protection Program and receives a new identity, Fred Blake. Giovanni, together with his wife Maggie and their teenage children Belle and Warren, are relocated to the small town Cholong-sur-Avres in Normandy under the protection of Stansfield and two other agents.

Meanwhile, the Mafia offers a $20 million reward to the killer that executes Giovanni and his family. Soon the Blake family uses Mafia methods to improve their lives in the town. But when the Mafia accidentally discovers the whereabouts of the Manzoni family, Cholong becomes a no man's land.

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The Family
The Greatest
Cat Power: Writer
Cat Power: Performer
Genius of Love
Tina Weymouth: Writer
Tom Tom Club: Performer
Adrian Borg Ghigo: Performer
New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
James Murphy: Writer
LCD Soundsystem: Performer
Rags to Riches
Richard Adler: Writer
Tony Bennett: Performer
Head of the Family
David Gosnell: Writer
Clint Eastwood
Damon Albarn: Writer
To Binge
Pop Muzik

User reviews

Joseph Wright

I enjoyed how the soundtrack blended traditional Italian music with modern beats, reflecting the clash of cultures in the storyline.

Brian Taylor

The contrast between the different musical themes mirrors the juxtaposition of the Blake family's past and present lives.

Emily Allen

The music during the Mafia's hunt for the Blake family creates a sense of urgency and danger.

Andrew Mitchell

I appreciated how the music evolved along with the characters, reflecting their growth and transformation throughout the film.

Mark Wilson

The music enhances the dark humor and irony present throughout the film, adding depth to the storytelling.

Michael Robinson

The use of instrumental tracks in key moments heightened the emotional impact of the scenes, creating a memorable viewing experience.

Deborah Hernandez

The music choices help to build the personalities of the characters and their relationships with each other.

Margaret Robinson

Overall, the soundtrack of The Family not only complemented the narrative but also elevated the viewing experience, making it a standout aspect of the movie.

Mark Adams

The soundtrack's blend of traditional Italian music with modern elements adds a unique touch to the film.

Ashley Miller

The soundtrack of The Family felt uninspired and lacked depth, failing to capture the intensity and suspense of the storyline.

Andrew Perez

The soundtrack of The Family perfectly captures the tension and danger of the mobster world in New York.

William Martin

The music choices seemed out of place at times, disrupting the immersion in the movie and making it difficult to connect emotionally with the characters and their struggles.

Laura Moore

The soundtrack reflects the dark humor and irony present throughout the film.

Joshua White

The music enhances the suspenseful atmosphere of Giovanni's decision to snitch on his Mafia family to the FBI.

Lisa Anderson

The use of instrumental pieces in the soundtrack effectively conveys the emotions and inner turmoil of the characters.

Edward Carter

The soundtrack of The Family perfectly captures the tension and thrill of the story, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The combination of dramatic orchestral pieces and modern, edgy tracks creates a dynamic atmosphere that keeps you engaged throughout the film.

Susan Harris

Overall, the soundtrack did not enhance the viewing experience and felt like a missed opportunity to elevate the tension and drama of the plot.

Mark Garcia

The use of music in key moments of the plot adds depth and emotion to the characters' experiences, making the audience feel more connected to their journey. The soundtrack effectively conveys the mix of danger, dark humor, and family dynamics present in the story, making it a memorable aspect of the movie.

Donna Walker

The soundtrack adds depth to the scenes where the Blake family is adjusting to their new life in a small town in Normandy.

Mary Nelson

The soundtrack effectively conveyed the sense of danger and paranoia that the Manzoni family constantly lived with, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Robert Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of The Family complements the storytelling and adds an additional layer of depth to the film.

Anthony Hernandez

The choice of songs for certain action sequences was spot-on, providing an adrenaline-pumping accompaniment to the on-screen chaos.

Richard Walker

The soundtrack of The Family perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the mobster family's life in the Witness Protection Program.