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Tags: colt peacemaker
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Gunfighter

Title in Italiano:

The Gunfighter

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The Gunfighter


In the dusty sun-baked West, in a cheap and smelly old saloon filled with a motley assortment of typical scoundrels, enters a solitary thirsty gunslinger, and although this may be true, he is not entirely alone. Mysteriously, the husky masculine voice of an invisible narrator accompanies the pale and tall gunman on his every step, describing explicitly his next move, revealing more and more, little by little. But why should they trust the "voice", furthermore, as it is widely known that nobody likes spoilers, why won't this all-knowing sadist stop spilling the beans?

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The Gunfighter
The Mandalorian
Mando Is Back
The Mandalorian - Epic Trailer Theme - Epic Version
A Mandalorian and a Jedi
Back Together
Mando is Back - Epic Version
Come with Me
The Mandalorians of Death Watch
Mando Rescue
Ahsoka Lives
Open the Door
Mando's Back
The Mandalorian - Epic Version
Brown Eyes
You Are a Mandalorian
Rest in Peace
Departure of Boba Fett
This Is It
Ship o hoj, Mandalorians!
Mandalore Way
The Mandalorian (From "Star Wars: The Mandalorian")
The Sword
Long Live the Empire
The Ponds of Sorgan
The Mandalorian - Orchestral Version
The Gang
The Nature of Reality End Credits
Enjoy the Fights
Tusken Raiders
Beneath the Ice
The Standoff
A Thousand Tears
Black Skies
Welcome Back
The Marshal's Tale
Man of Honour
A Warrior's Death
What Remains in the Tunnels
The Ewebb
Clan of Two
The Ponds of Sorgan (From "The Mandalorian")
Mando Flies
The Mandalorian Theme
The Baby
Off the Grid
Bounty Droid
The Mandalorian (Theme from "Star Wars: The Mandalorian")
Greatest Warriors in the Galaxy
Trashed Crest
Mando on the Move
The Arrival