The Huntress: Her Name Is Cat Soundtrack (

The Huntress: Her Name Is Cat Soundtrack (1998) cover

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Rating: 4.80/10 from 170 votes
Tags: cult figure
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Huntress

Title in Italiano:

The Huntress

Title in Português:

The Huntress


Mainland assassin Yin Ying, otherwise known as Cat (Almen Wong) carries out a series of hits on local triad bosses. Senior cop John Cannon (Michael Wong), investigates the aftermath of each crime and soon picks up her trail. Aware that she is being tailed, Cat turns the tables and follows him around. Eventually, the hunter becomes the hunted and two find themselves in a relationship, enabling them to take on what ails them as a team.

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The Huntress: Her Name Is Cat
The Quest
Break Up In A Small Town
Agatha Chang
One Fast Move or I'm Gone
My Shit's Fucked Up
Party Monster
All Day All Night