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Tags: unsold television pilot, murder of friend, murder of sister
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Omen

Title in Italiano:

The Omen

Title in Português:

The Omen


Jack Mann is a writer reporter for the Associated Press. Annalisse Summer is an ER nurse dedicated to help people: Dr Linus is a doctor who has seen what Jack and Analisse have: an evil entity that seeks to destroy and has joined them to help stop it (the entity posses people and controls them to do its bidding).

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The Omen
20th Century Fox Theme
Pause for Five Seconds
Ave Satani - From "The Omen"
On This Night
The Piper Dreams
The New Ambassador
Where Is He?
I Was There
Broken Vows
Safari Park
A Doctor, Please
The Killer Storm
The Fall
Don't Let Him
The Day He Died
The Dogs Attack
A Sad Message
The Bed
The Demise of Mrs. Baylock
The Altar
Main Title
Runaway Train
Thoughtful Night
Broken Ice
Fallen Temple
I Love You, Mark
The Knife
End Title (All The Power)
Main Title - Film Version
Face Of The Antichrist - Film Version
Fallen Temple - Film Version
Aunt Marion's Visitor - Film Version
Another Thorn - Film Version
A Ravenous Killing - Film Version
Snowmobiles - Film Version
Broken Ice - Film Version
Number Of The Beast - Film Version
Shafted - Film Version
The Daggers - Film Version
Thoughtful Night - Film Version
I Love You, Mark - Film Version
Runaway Train - Film Version
The Boy Has To Die - Film Version
All The Power And End Title - Film Version
The Ambassador
Trial Run
The Monastery
A T.V. First
The Statue
The Second Coming
Electric Storm