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Rating: 6.60/10 from 436000 votes
Tags: apocalypse, ensemble cast, actress playing herself, actor playing himself
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Juerga hasta el fin

Title in Italiano:

Facciamola finita

Title in Português:

Isto é o Fim!

Title in Français:

C'est la fin

Title in Türk:

Buraya Kadar

Title in Deutsch:

Das ist das Ende


James Franco is hosting a mega house warming party in his newly built modern Los Angeles mansion. Seth Rogen, an invitee, convinces his reluctant friend Jay Baruchel, visiting from Canada and who is staying with Seth as he always does when he's in town, to go to the party with him. Jay's reluctance is due to not really knowing or therefore feeling comfortable with James and his friends, and he believes James and his friends feel the same about him.

Jay's uncomfortableness at the party is overtaken when he and Seth witness something otherworldly. James and the other party guests believe what happened was a mere earthquake - a common enough occurrence in southern California - which Jay is willing to admit is not what this event was despite appearing even more of an outsider to the group, that is until a more apocalyptic event hits the area around the house leading to mass fatalities.

The survivors surmise that what is happening is in the realm of a zombie apocalypse or the actual rapture itself. A few of the survivors take refuge in James' house which may or may not protect them from what is happening in the outside world. As they try to survive, the issue of self-preservation may kick in, especially as it applies to food and water, and whether to provide refuge to anyone else on the outside trying to get in.

But as inner thoughts of possibly not surviving what is happening may come to the front of mind, true thoughts of what this small group of celebrities think about each other may also come to light.

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This Is the End
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Max Martin: Writer
Backstreet Boys: Performer
Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight)
KRS-One: Performer
Debbie Harry: Writer
A Joyful Process
George Clinton: Writer
Funkadelic: Performer
Girls Girls $
J-Kwon: Performer
J-Kwon: Writer
Easy Fix
K.Flay: Performer
K.Flay: Writer
Disco 2000
Nick Banks: Writer
Pulp: Performer
Love in the Old Days
James Franco: Writer
Daddy: Performer
She Got that Too
Craig Robinson: Performer
Craig Robinson: Writer
Take Yo Panties Off
Craig Robinson: Writer
Please Save My Soul
Kyle Hunter: Writer
Go Outside
Madeline Follin: Writer
Cults: Performer
Spiteful Intervention
Kevin Barnes: Writer
Of Montreal: Performer
War Pigs
Ozzy Osbourne: Writer
Black Sabbath: Performer
Ruff Ryder's Anthem
Swizz Beatz: Writer
When the Sh-- Goes Down
Cypress Hill: Performer
Lawrence Dickens: Writer
The Outlaw Blues Band: Performer
Gangnam Style
Psy: Performer
Psy: Writer
Paper Planes
M.I.A.: Performer
M.I.A.: Writer
The Next Episode
Dr. Dre: Performer
Dr. Dre: Writer
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Hole in the Earth
Chino Moreno: Writer
Deftones: Performer
Watchu Want
Jesse Shatkin: Performer
Jesse Shatkin: Writer
I Will Always Love You
Dolly Parton: Writer
Whitney Houston: Performer
Spirit in the Sky
Norman Greenbaum: Performer
Norman Greenbaum: Writer
The End of the Beginning
Ozzy Osbourne: Writer
Black Sabbath: Performer
Henry Jackman: Performer
Me So Sorry
Henry Jackman: Performer
Operation Dung Beetle
Henry Jackman: Performer
East Meets West
Henry Jackman: Performer
Backdoor Rendezvous
Henry Jackman: Performer
Guns N Girls
Henry Jackman: Performer
Panic At The Palace
Henry Jackman: Performer
Skylark Discovers The Truth
Henry Jackman: Performer
The Wrath Of Kim
Henry Jackman: Performer
So Long Sook
Henry Jackman: Performer
Grand Finale
Henry Jackman: Performer
THIS IS THE END: Inferno On Melrose
Henry Jackman: Performer
Celebrity Sinkhole
Henry Jackman: Performer
Book Of Revelations
Henry Jackman: Performer
Feeling Horny?
Henry Jackman: Performer
15. The Exorcism Of Jonah Hill
Henry Jackman: Performer
16. The Final Rapture
Henry Jackman: Performer
Rapture On Melrose
Henry Jackman: Performer
Hills on Fire - The Sinkhole
Henry Jackman: Performer
Foreboding News Report
Henry Jackman: Performer
Can't Sleep
Henry Jackman: Performer
Head Guy
Henry Jackman: Performer
The Sinkhole Remains
Henry Jackman: Performer
This Shit is Biblical
Henry Jackman: Performer
Boredom Montage
Henry Jackman: Performer
Emma Returns
Henry Jackman: Performer
Drawing Matches Pt 1
Henry Jackman: Performer
Craig Gets the Water
Henry Jackman: Performer
Creepy Basement Memorabilia
Henry Jackman: Performer
The Devil Rapes Jonah
Henry Jackman: Performer
Drawing Matches Pt 2
Henry Jackman: Performer
Jay & Craig Go Outside
Henry Jackman: Performer
Something's Wrong with Jonah
Henry Jackman: Performer
Jonah Is Possessed
Henry Jackman: Performer
Demonic Chase Sequence
Henry Jackman: Performer
Lights Out, Jay's Got a Plan
Henry Jackman: Performer
The Exorcism of Jonah Hill
Henry Jackman: Performer
Fire Chase
Henry Jackman: Performer
Craig's Last Stand
Henry Jackman: Performer
Franco's Demise
Henry Jackman: Performer
The Rapture of Seth & Jay
Henry Jackman: Performer

User reviews

Betty Walker

The music selection in the film is diverse and eclectic, offering a great range of genres that cater to different moods and scenes throughout the story.

Daniel Allen

The soundtrack of This Is the End perfectly sets the tone for the apocalyptic comedy with a mix of upbeat and eerie tracks that enhance the viewing experience.

Patricia Thompson

The soundtrack also does a great job of reflecting the personalities of the main characters, with each song choice adding depth to their individual story arcs and relationships.

Lisa Campbell

I appreciate how the soundtrack incorporates both popular hits and original compositions, enhancing the overall viewing experience and immersing me further into the story.

Linda King

The music selection is diverse and well-curated, blending a mix of intense, dramatic tracks with more lighthearted and comedic songs to reflect the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by the characters.

John Thomas

The way the soundtrack is integrated into key moments of the movie adds depth and emotion to the characters' experiences, making the film more engaging and immersive.

Deborah Garcia

The soundtrack of This Is the End successfully captures the chaos and absurdity of the characters' situation, elevating the storytelling with its well-chosen musical accompaniment.

Richard Jackson

Overall, the music in This Is the End is a standout feature of the film, contributing to its unique blend of humor, horror, and heart in a way that stays with the viewer long after the credits roll.

David Campbell

The use of popular songs in the soundtrack is clever and enhances the comedic aspects of the film, creating memorable and entertaining moments for the audience.

Mark Brown

I found myself humming along to some of the catchy tunes long after the movie ended, a testament to the memorable and well-chosen tracks that left a lasting impression.

Patricia Lewis

Overall, the soundtrack of This Is the End is a standout element of the film, showcasing the importance of music in setting the tone and enhancing the overall narrative of the story.

Richard Carter

The soundtrack of This Is the End perfectly captures the chaotic and apocalyptic atmosphere of the movie, adding tension and excitement to the unfolding events.

David Martin

The use of music to underscore key moments in the film, such as the initial party scene and the escalating chaos outside, effectively heightens the sense of urgency and danger.

Donna Lee

The original score composed for This Is the End is both haunting and atmospheric, adding a layer of tension and suspense to the overall narrative.

Kenneth Hall

The soundtrack of This Is the End felt out of place and distracting, failing to enhance the overall tone of the movie. The music choices did not seem to align well with the apocalyptic theme and instead felt disjointed.

William Perez

The score perfectly complements the on-screen action, enhancing the comedic moments with upbeat tunes and amplifying the suspenseful sequences with haunting melodies.

Betty Martin

Furthermore, the use of popular songs in the soundtrack felt cliché and uninspired, detracting from the originality of the film. It seemed like the music was selected without much thought or consideration for how it would complement the narrative, resulting in a jarring viewing experience.