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Rating: 3.70/10 from 1300 votes
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Thriller - Assassino na Noite


A young woman named Sarah is living a normal life until she starts receiving mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller. The caller seems to know everything about her and threatens to reveal her deepest secrets if she doesn't comply with his demands.

As Sarah tries to uncover the identity of the caller, she realizes that he is always one step ahead of her. She becomes paranoid and starts to question everyone around her, not knowing who she can trust.

Sarah soon finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit, with no one to turn to for help. She must use all her wits and courage to outsmart the caller and put an end to his sinister game before it's too late.

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User reviews

Mary Turner

Overall, the soundtrack of Thriller plays a crucial role in immersing the audience in the gripping narrative, enhancing the storytelling and heightening the overall suspense of the film. Its ability to capture the essence of Sarah's journey and the psychological thriller genre makes it a standout element of the movie.

Betty Smith

The soundtrack of Thriller perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the story, enhancing the overall atmosphere of mystery and paranoia.

Michelle Williams

The soundtrack of Thriller is a thrilling masterpiece that perfectly captures the tension and suspense of Sarah's harrowing journey. Each track immerses you in the eerie atmosphere of the story, keeping you on the edge of your seat with its haunting melodies and ominous undertones.

Sarah Hernandez

I found the repetitive use of the same musical motifs throughout the film to be tiresome and uninspired. It lacked variety and failed to create a dynamic and engaging auditory experience for the audience.

Michelle Miller

The soundtrack of Thriller effectively sets the suspenseful tone of the story, creating a sense of unease and mystery that keeps the audience on edge throughout. The use of eerie melodies and haunting instrumentals enhances the tension, making it a thrilling listening experience.

Robert Young

Overall, the soundtrack of Thriller is a standout achievement in cinematic music, elevating the storytelling to new heights with its evocative soundscape and gripping compositions. It's a musical tour de force that leaves a lasting impression, solidifying its place as an essential element of the film's success.

Timothy Parker

The dynamic range of the music in Thriller reflects the emotional rollercoaster that Sarah goes through, from moments of quiet contemplation to intense bursts of adrenaline-fueled action. The soundtrack effectively mirrors Sarah's internal turmoil and external challenges, adding depth to her character development.

Daniel Williams

The haunting melodies and eerie sound effects create a sense of unease, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

Carol Perez

The soundtrack of Thriller failed to effectively capture the suspense and tension of the storyline. The music felt out of place and did not enhance the thrilling atmosphere of the plot.

George Davis

The music seamlessly enhances the emotional depth of the narrative, intensifying the sense of paranoia and fear that Sarah experiences as she battles against an unknown adversary. The composition skillfully conveys the urgency and desperation of the situation, drawing you deeper into Sarah's world and making you feel every twist and turn of her tumultuous quest for the truth.

Amanda Thompson

The music seamlessly blends with the narrative, heightening the emotional impact of Sarah's journey and drawing me deeper into the gripping plot.