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Rating: 6.30/10 from 7400 votes
Tags: steal, female bank director, reference to eva braun
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Cien años de perdón

Title in Italiano:

Box 314: La rapina di Valencia

Title in Português:

Cem Anos de Perdão


To Steal from a Thief

A group of thieves led by a man called El Uruguayo stalk a bank in Valencia to steal as many safety boxes as possible and later flee through a dug tunnel that communicates the building with an abandoned subway station. However, the press officer of the Prime Minister discovers what the thieves are actually after: they want to get their hands on box 314, property of Gonzalo Soriano, a former member of the government who slipped into a coma after a severe accident, left documents with compromising information.

The gang's plans start to go awry when the tunnel is flooded by heavy rain, leaving them with no escape, plus to discover that the box really doesn't contains documents, but an external hard drive full of data about important names in all levels of the Spanish politic. At the same time, a fixer of the government receives the mission to assume the control of the negotiations, looking for recover at any cost the box 314 and the information before the robbers flee with it.

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To Steal from a Thief
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Socially Numb
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Cementerio Club (En Vivo)
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Aunque no sea conmigo
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Straight Street
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User reviews

Deborah Taylor

The emotional depth of the soundtrack helps to humanize the characters, making their motivations and struggles more relatable and engaging.

Betty Jackson

The soundtrack of To Steal from a Thief perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the heist plot, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

Betty Phillips

Overall, the music in To Steal from a Thief played a crucial role in setting the tone and enhancing the atmosphere of the film, making it a memorable and immersive cinematic experience.

Emily Mitchell

The haunting melodies and atmospheric sounds in certain tracks added depth and emotion to the storyline, enhancing the overall viewing experience and making certain scenes more impactful.

William Phillips

The use of different musical motifs and themes helps to build a sense of continuity and coherence throughout the film, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.

Lisa Walker

I found the use of electronic beats and pulsating rhythms in the soundtrack to be very effective in creating a sense of urgency and excitement during key moments of the movie.

Michael Lee

The music enhances the action sequences, adding an extra layer of excitement and adrenaline to the heist scenes.

Amanda Lopez

The soundtrack of To Steal from a Thief perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the heist, with intense and dramatic music that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

Stephanie Adams

The variety of musical styles and genres in the soundtrack was refreshing and helped to keep the audience engaged, from fast-paced action sequences to quieter, more introspective moments.

Amanda Lopez

Overall, the soundtrack of To Steal from a Thief is a standout element that elevates the film and contributes significantly to its overall impact and enjoyment.