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Tomorrow, When the War Began is an adaptation of John Marsden's best-selling novel, where a small group of Australian teens team up to take back their country after an occupying army sweeps in and takes over.

17 year old Ellie Linton (Caitlin Stasey) and her friends live in the quiet coastal town of Wirrawee. As the holidays draw to a close and school looms on the horizon, Ellie longs for one last adventure before heading back into the classroom. Her wish comes true when her parents agree to let her use the Land Rover for a week camping adventure in Hell, a secluded paradise with a deceptive name.

At first, everything is perfect. Ellie and her best friends pass their time basking in the sun, and wading in a picturesque waterfall. But the fun comes to a sudden end when the group notices a fleet of unidentified jets cutting through the night sky. Shaken, they return home to find that the entire population of Wirrawee has vanished, and all power has been cut off.

The teens' greatest fears are confirmed shortly thereafter, when they discover that the local showgrounds have been transformed into a makeshift prison camp, and that everyone they know has been imprisoned by the invading military. Upon realizing they have been discovered, the teens decide to strike back against the occupiers with everything they've got.

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Tomorrow, When the War Began
Missy Higgins: Writer
Honeymoon Is Over
The Cruel Sea: Performer
Cosmic Egg
Wolfmother: Performer
Restaurant Piano
Guy Gross: Writer
The Temper Trap: Performer
Black Hearts (On Fire)
Jet: Performer
Chris Cester: Writer
Poison In Your Mind
Powderfinger: Writer
Nic Cester: Writer
Nic Cester: Performer
Flame Trees
Steve Prestwich: Writer
Sarah Blasko: Performer
The Temper Trap: Performer

User reviews

Michelle Wilson

The emotional depth of the characters' experiences is beautifully complemented by the haunting melodies and melancholic tones of the soundtrack. The music adds a layer of poignancy to the story, highlighting the teenagers' struggles and sacrifices as they navigate the challenges of war and loss.

Stephanie Thomas

Overall, the soundtrack fell short in creating a memorable and impactful auditory experience that could have elevated the overall viewing experience of the film.

Stephanie Wright

The soundtrack of Tomorrow, When the War Began failed to capture the intensity and emotion of the high-stakes situations the characters faced throughout the movie.

George Scott

The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the necessary depth to enhance the suspense and drama of the storyline.

Joshua Walker

The music sets the tone for the film's adventurous spirit, especially during the scenes where Ellie and her friends embark on their daring mission to take back their country.

Edward Anderson

The soundtrack of Tomorrow, When the War Began perfectly captures the tension and urgency of the story, enhancing the emotional impact of the characters' struggles.

Kenneth Mitchell

The soundtrack of Tomorrow, When the War Began is truly captivating and immersive, enhancing the tension and emotions of the story perfectly.

Michelle Young

The music effectively sets the tone for each scene, creating a sense of suspense and excitement that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Amanda Adams

The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between moments of suspense and action, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience that complements the intensity of the plot.

Matthew Robinson

It did not effectively convey the sense of urgency and danger that the characters experienced, leaving the audience feeling disconnected from the narrative.

Richard Baker

Overall, the soundtrack of Tomorrow, When the War Began is a powerful and evocative accompaniment to the film, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the world of Wirrawee. The music succeeds in creating an atmosphere that resonates with the themes of courage, friendship, and resilience portrayed in the movie.

Nancy Wright

The soundtrack of Tomorrow, When the War Began effectively captures the tension and urgency of the teens' fight for survival against the occupying army. The music enhances the suspense and adrenaline of the action-packed scenes, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.