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Tags: time travel sci fi
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:


Title in Italiano:


Title in Português:

Viajantes no Tempo

Title in Français:

Les Voyageurs du Temps

Title in Türk:


Title in Deutsch:

Travelers: Die Reisenden


Travelers is a science fiction television series set hundreds of years from now, where the last surviving humans have discovered a way to send consciousness back through time into people living in the 21st century.

These Travelers take on the lives of random individuals while secretly working together in teams to carry out missions that aim to prevent a disastrous future for humanity.

The main characters include FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren, who serves as the team's leader; Marcy, a young woman with intellectual disabilities under the care of her social worker, David; Trevor, a high school quarterback; Carly, a single mother trapped in an abusive relationship; and Philip, a college student struggling with heroin addiction.

Equipped with their knowledge of history and access to social media profiles, the Travelers quickly realize that navigating 21st-century lives and relationships poses just as much of a challenge as their high-stakes missions.

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Rivers and Roads
The Mother
Cherry Wine - Live
Hopeless Wanderer
Way down We Go - Stripped
Million Dollar Man
The Night We Met (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
Take Me to Church
I Don't Know My Name
Gone, Gone, Gone
You're Beautiful
Fire and the Flood
Ends of the Earth
Little Talks
Little Lion Man
Ho Hey
Flashed Junk Mind
Stubborn Love
Sweet Creature
Young And Beautiful
The Cave - Live from Shepherd's Bush Empire, 2010
Yellow Flicker Beat
Meet Me in the Woods
Hold Back The River
Skinny Love
Send Me On My Way
Kansas City
Save Yourself
Dog Days Are Over
Blame It on Me
Wake Me Up
Pumped Up Kicks
Home - 2019 - Remaster
Somebody That I Used To Know
Another Story
The Story
King And Lionheart
Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Only the Wild Ones
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
The Faction
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Carrie, Plz Stop Dying
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Close Call
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Marcy Wanders
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Important Work
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
On Transmigration
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Mac 'n' Kat
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Tao of David
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
The Director Taketh
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Trevor Meets Abby
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Are You Stalking Me?
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Designated Markswoman
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Kat and Mac Get Some News
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
A Void in Marcy
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Doctor Love
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Carly's Gettin' Primed, Trevor Lets Abby Go
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Abby's Goin' In
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
The Director Taketh (the Death of Abby)
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Carly Takes the Shot!
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Trevor's Martry'n
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Reqiuem for My Friend
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
The Director™
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Temporal Transmigration
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
On Spiritual Machines
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Signatures of Time
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Trevor Does Transdifferentiation
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
The Future Ain't What It Used to Be
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Spectres and Vessels
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Null and Void
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Can't Let Go
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Stand Down!
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Recursive Eden
Adam Lastiwka: Performer
Adam Lastiwka: Performer

User reviews

James Jones

The soundtrack of Travelers perfectly captures the intense and mysterious atmosphere of the show. The combination of electronic beats and haunting melodies adds depth to the futuristic setting and keeps the viewers engaged throughout each episode.

Amanda Taylor

The diversity of musical styles in the soundtrack reflects the range of themes explored in the series, from action-packed sequences to introspective moments. This variety keeps the music fresh and interesting throughout.

Jennifer Thompson

The main theme of Travelers is memorable and evocative, setting the tone for each episode and drawing viewers into the world of the show. It effectively conveys the sense of time travel and the weight of the characters' mission.

Emily Walker

The soundtrack of Travelers perfectly captures the futuristic and suspenseful atmosphere of the show. The electronic and orchestral elements blend seamlessly to create a sense of urgency and mystery.

Betty Taylor

Overall, the soundtrack of Travelers is a standout feature of the show, enriching the viewing experience and adding depth to the characters and narrative. It is a crucial element that contributes to the overall success and appeal of the series.

Elizabeth Lewis

I particularly appreciate how the music enhances the emotional moments in the series, adding an extra layer of depth to the characters' struggles and relationships. The score effectively conveys the tension and urgency of their missions while also highlighting the personal growth and connections that develop among the team members.

Joshua Johnson

The soundtrack of Travelers fails to capture the futuristic and suspenseful essence of the show. It lacks depth and fails to enhance the emotional impact of key moments in the series.

Betty Adams

The soundtrack of Travelers perfectly captures the tense and mysterious atmosphere of the show, enhancing the viewing experience with its haunting melodies and futuristic soundscapes.

Joseph Phillips

I appreciate how the music enhances the emotional depth of the characters' struggles and dilemmas. The use of haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms adds layers to the storytelling, making the viewing experience more engaging.

John Hall

Each character in Travelers is given a unique musical theme that reflects their personality and struggles, adding depth and emotional resonance to their story arcs.

Michelle Nelson

The soundtrack of Travelers effectively enhances the action sequences and suspenseful moments, building tension and excitement throughout the series.

Edward Martin

I find myself humming the show's theme song long after watching an episode, a testament to the music's staying power and its ability to leave a lasting impression. It has become an integral part of my connection to the world of Travelers.

Paul Baker

The music choices often feel generic and uninspired, failing to create a unique and memorable atmosphere for the show. It lacks originality and creativity, leaving viewers underwhelmed and disconnected from the storylines.

Richard Lee

The use of electronic music in the soundtrack of Travelers helps to create a sense of technological advancement and otherworldly elements, immersing the audience in the futuristic world of the show.

William Mitchell

The soundtrack's ability to build tension and suspense during crucial moments is commendable. It heightens the impact of key plot twists and revelations, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.