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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Travelling Light

Title in Italiano:

Travelling Light

Title in Português:

Travelling Light


Leanne "Pia Miranda" is training to be a teacher in 1971 Adelaide, but she is more interested in seeing life through the lens of her camera. To make matters worse, she has to suffer the indignities of living at home with her parents "Heather Mitchell and Marshall Napier". Her older sister Bronwyn "Sacha Horler" is finding it difficult to adjust to married life in remote Yallaroo with her husband Brian "Tamblyn Lord" and runs away. Then, visiting American hip poet Lou "Brett Stiller" comes to town, urging all to 'seek out the light'.The younger generation embraces the challenge enthusiastically, and Leanne's neighbor Gary "Tim Draxl" and her friend Debra "Anna Torv", are drawn to Lou.

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Travelling Light
Catch the Wind
Girl on My Mind
Coming Home
Because I Love You
Cheryl Moana Marie
Part Three Into Paper Walls
Think About Tomorrow Today
Sunshine Of Your Love
Rio De Camero
(It's) Only A Matter Of Time
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas