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Tags: helicopter crash
Alternate Names:
Title in Italiano:

Tropic Thunder

Title in Português:

Tempestade Tropical

Title in Français:

Tonnerre sous les tropiques

Title in Türk:

Tropik fırtına


Action movie star Tugg Speedman is on the downslide of his professional career. He wants to be considered a serious actor, but his latest serious role as the title character in "Simple Jack" resulted in negative reviews and ridicule. Comedian Jeff Portnoy is best known for his leading roles in sophomoric comedies, and may be less well known for his rampant drug use. Five time Oscar winner Kirk Lazarus is a serious method actor, who immerses himself in whatever the role.

On location in southeast Vietnam, they are the stars of "Tropic Thunder", based on Vietnam war veteran 'Four Leaf' Tayback's memoirs of his rescue during the war, that rescue which was considered a near suicide mission for the assigned army force and resulted in him losing both hands. For his role, Caucasian Australian Lazarus even went through a controversial surgical skin dying procedure so that he could convincingly play a black man.

Production is not going well since rookie director Damien Cockburn is unable to control the prima-donna attitude of his three stars. Cockburn and Tayback decide that the five primary actors - Speedman, Portnoy, Lazarus, rapper Alpa Chino, and newcomer Kevin Sandusky - need to work together as a unit as did their real life characters.

The five are placed in the middle of the jungle, and with only a map and their prop machine guns in hand, are asked to work together to battle through the stunt pyrotechnics in their way. What none of the seven of them know is that they have been dropped into a real life drug war led by the Flaming Dragons.

It isn't until Speedman is captured by the Flaming Dragons and tortured that they all realize that what they believed was make believe gunfire and land mines was actually real life. As the four actors try to figure out what to do concerning Speedman's situation, all five go through their own journey of self-discovery.

Meanwhile, the movie's megalomaniacal profanity spewing producer Les Grossman and Speedman's faithful agent Rick Peck argue about what to do about Speedman's situation. And Tayback inadvertently shows a little of his true self.

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Tropic Thunder
I Love Tha Pussy
Darryl Farmer: Writer
Brandon T. Jackson: Performer
Gothic Monsters
Theodore Shapiro: Performer
Chris Field: Writer
Cum On, Feel the Noize
Quiet Riot: Performer
Noddy Holder: Writer
The Four Seasons: 'Spring' - Allegro
Antonio Vivaldi: Composer
Capella Istropolitana: Performer
Brick House
Lionel Richie: Writer
David Way: Performer
U Can't Touch This
M.C. Hammer: Performer
Alonzo Miller: Writer
Sadeness (Pt. 1)
Michael Cretu: Writer
Enigma: Performer
Enigma: Writer
Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)
The Temptations: Performer
Norman Whitfield: Writer
Matt Hirt: Performer
Marc Ferrari: Writer
Ready, Set, Go
Ben Gidsjoy: Performer
Nick Grant: Writer
The Name of the Game
Ken Jordan: Writer
The Crystal Method: Performer
Run Through the Jungle
The Pusher
Steppenwolf: Performer
Hoyt Axton: Writer
Sympathy for the Devil
Mick Jagger: Writer
The Rolling Stones: Performer
Movin' on Up
Ja'net DuBois: Writer
Sometimes When We Touch
Dan Hill: Performer
Dan Hill: Writer
Flo Rida: Performer
Flo Rida: Writer
Do Me!
Ricky Bell: Writer
For What It's Worth
Buffalo Springfield: Performer
Stephen Stills: Writer
The Name Of The Game (The Crystal Method's Big Ass T.T. Mix)
Ken Jordan: Writer
The Crystal Method: Performer
Get Back
Ludacris: Performer
Ludacris: Writer
I Just Want To Celebrate
Dino Fekaris: Writer
The Mooney Suzuki: Performer
I'd Love to Change the World
Alvin Lee: Writer
Ten Years After: Performer
The Four Seasons: 'Spring' - Allegro
Antonio Vivaldi: Performer
U Can't Touch This
Alonzo Miller: Performer
Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)
Norman Whitfield: Performer
Movin' on Up
Mick Jagger: Performer
For What It's Worth
Stephen Stills: Performer
The Name Of The Game (The Crystal Method's Big Ass T.T. Mix)
Ken Jordan: Performer
I'd Love to Change the World
Alvin Lee: Performer

User reviews

Steven Carter

The soundtrack of Tropic Thunder is a perfect complement to the chaotic and action-packed nature of the film. The music enhances the intensity of the scenes and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Joshua Jones

The soundtrack features a diverse range of genres and styles, catering to a wide audience and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Lisa Robinson

The use of upbeat and energetic tracks helps to establish the adventurous tone of the movie, making it engaging and enjoyable to watch.

Kimberly Martin

Overall, the soundtrack of Tropic Thunder is a standout element of the film that elevates the viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Linda Lee

The soundtrack of Tropic Thunder is expertly curated, with each song serving a specific purpose in enhancing the narrative and bringing the world of the film to life in a dynamic way.

Timothy Wilson

The music selection enhances the comedic elements of the film, providing a playful and entertaining backdrop to the characters' misadventures in the jungle.

James Campbell

The soundtrack features iconic songs that perfectly match the tone and mood of each scene, creating memorable moments that stick with the viewers long after the film is over.

Melissa Thomas

The soundtrack of Tropic Thunder perfectly captures the intense and chaotic atmosphere of the movie, adding depth to the action-packed scenes.

Mary Allen

Overall, the music in Tropic Thunder contributes significantly to the film's overall success, making it a memorable and enjoyable cinematic experience.

Timothy Lee

The variety of genres and styles in the soundtrack of Tropic Thunder adds depth and richness to the overall viewing experience. From classic rock to hip-hop, the music selection is diverse and enjoyable.

Ronald Hall

The use of music in Tropic Thunder helps to build tension and suspense during key moments, heightening the emotional impact of the story and adding layers of complexity to the characters' journeys.

Margaret Davis

The musical score effectively builds tension during the more suspenseful moments of the movie, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Stephanie Campbell

The soundtrack's incorporation of classic rock tunes adds a nostalgic touch to the film, creating a sense of familiarity and connection with the audience.

David Williams

The original score of Tropic Thunder effectively captures the adventurous spirit of the film, creating an immersive atmosphere that transports the audience into the jungle setting alongside the characters.