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Rating: 6.20/10 from 8000 votes
Tags: widow single man relationship, log cabin, boxer the dog
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

La última canción

Title in Português:

Virar a Página

Title in Français:


Title in Türk:

Başımın Belası

Title in Deutsch:

Tumbledown - Zurück im Leben


Tumbledown is a romantic comedy film that follows the story of Hannah, a young widow struggling to move on after her husband's death. She lives in a small town in Maine, where her late husband was a famous musician. Hannah is approached by Andrew, a brash New York writer who wants to write a biography about her husband. Despite their differences, Hannah and Andrew form an unlikely bond as they work together to uncover the truth about her husband's life and death.

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Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Halo of Ashes
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Maine Stays
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Red Rooster: Performer
Jay Erickson: Writer
On The Land Blues
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Fatlip: Performer
Fatlip: Writer
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Poison: Performer
Bobby Dall: Writer
Silver Joy
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Little Jackson
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer
Hands on the Table
Damien Jurado: Writer
Damien Jurado: Performer

User reviews

Melissa Thomas

The songs chosen for the soundtrack complement the romantic and comedic elements of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience and adding depth to the characters' emotions.

Ronald Young

The soundtrack of Tumbledown perfectly captures the emotional journey of the main characters, Hannah and Andrew, as they navigate love, loss, and self-discovery.

Ronald Walker

The musical score seamlessly weaves throughout the film, enhancing key moments and adding layers of emotion to pivotal scenes, making it a memorable aspect of the movie.

Joseph Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of Tumbledown is a standout feature that adds a layer of depth and emotion to the film, making it a truly immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Paul Baker

The soundtrack of Tumbledown effectively captures the emotional depth of the story, blending melancholic melodies with uplifting tunes. The music enhances the romantic and nostalgic elements of the film, creating a poignant atmosphere that resonates with the audience.

Ronald Mitchell

The music sets the tone for the small town setting in Maine, creating a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere that pulls the audience deeper into the story.

Deborah Johnson

On the other hand, some tracks in the soundtrack of Tumbledown feel a bit repetitive and generic, lacking originality and failing to stand out. While the music complements the scenes well, it doesn't leave a lasting impression or add a distinctive flair to the overall viewing experience.