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Rating: 6.40/10 from 74000 votes
Tags: internet hook up, snowed in
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Amor a segunda vista

Title in Italiano:

APPuntamento con l'@more

Title in Português:

Amor à Segunda Vista

Title in Français:

Aventure d'un soir

Title in Türk:

İki Gecelik aşk

Title in Deutsch:

Two Night Stand


Two Night Stand is a romantic comedy film that follows the story of Megan, a young woman who decides to have a one night stand with Alec after a bad breakup. However, things take an unexpected turn when a snowstorm traps them together in Alec's apartment for an entire weekend.

As they navigate their awkward situation, Megan and Alec begin to open up to each other and form a deeper connection. They share their fears, insecurities, and past relationships, leading to a newfound understanding of each other.

Throughout the weekend, they confront their own issues and learn valuable lessons about love, trust, and communication. As the snowstorm clears and they are finally able to leave the apartment, Megan and Alec realize that their two night stand has turned into something much more meaningful.

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Two Night Stand
Nuclear Seasons
Charli XCX: Writer
Charli XCX: Performer
Teach Me How to Shuffle
August Wisbon: Writer
August Wisbon: Performer
Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second
Strfkr: Performer
The Drums: Performer
Terra Naomi: Performer
Anything, Anything
Dramarama: Performer
While I'm Alive
Strfkr: Performer
Bed-Stuy (Super Cop)
Strfkr: Performer
Wild Nothing: Performer
Follow Through
Freelance Whales: Performer
It Gets Dark
Alex Frankel: Writer
Holy Ghost: Performer
Blake Hazard: Writer
The Submarines: Performer

User reviews

Susan Clark

The variety of genres in the soundtrack keeps the audience engaged and reflects the different emotions experienced by Megan and Alec.

Melissa Scott

The use of music in Two Night Stand effectively sets the tone for each scene, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that keeps the audience invested in the story. From upbeat tunes during lighthearted moments to soulful melodies during heartfelt conversations, the soundtrack enriches the overall viewing experience and helps convey the characters' emotions authentically.

Donald Thompson

The soundtrack of Two Night Stand perfectly captures the emotional journey of Megan and Alec, enhancing the romantic and comedic aspects of the film. The music selection adds depth to key moments, making the characters' interactions more poignant and relatable.

Linda Hernandez

The lyrics of the songs resonate with the themes of love, trust, and self-discovery explored in the movie.

Joseph Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Two Night Stand is a standout element that elevates the storytelling and emotional depth of the characters.

Margaret Anderson

I was disappointed by the lack of originality in the soundtrack. Instead of adding depth to the characters or enhancing the storyline, the music felt like background noise that failed to leave a lasting impression.

William Baker

The music enhances the overall viewing experience, making the film more impactful and memorable.

Emily Phillips

The songs selected for key moments in the film help convey the characters' inner thoughts and feelings effectively.

Ashley Smith

I found the soundtrack of Two Night Stand to be quite generic and uninspired. The music did not enhance the emotional moments of the film or create a memorable atmosphere.

Daniel Perez

The music choice enhances the romantic tension between the characters, adding depth to their evolving relationship.

Elizabeth Young

The soundtrack of Two Night Stand perfectly captures the emotional rollercoaster of Megan and Alec's unexpected weekend together.

Carol Wilson

The carefully curated music in the film adds an extra layer of charm and authenticity to the romantic comedy, making it a delightful watch.

Betty Taylor

The songs chosen for the movie seemed mismatched with the tone and themes of the story. It felt like the music was randomly selected without much consideration for how it would complement the on-screen action.

George Evans

The soundtrack creates a cohesive atmosphere that immerses viewers in the story of Megan and Alec's journey towards understanding and connection.