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Under the Radar Soundtrack (2004) cover

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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Under the Radar

Title in Italiano:

Under the Radar

Title in Português:

Under the Radar


When surf crazy Brandon throws a surf mental he is sentenced to 'helping' in a home for the mentally disabled. Then enter two of the home's people. The two men realize that Brandon is their new ticket for a fun getaway. A day trip to the beach results in their meeting a mysterious waitress called Jo. An accidental murder gets them into strife, but if they want to live they will have to stay under the radar.

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Under the Radar
The Atlantics: Performer
The Atlantics: Performer
The Cruel Sea: Performer
James Cruickshank: Writer
Don't Sail
Charlton Hill: Writer
Charlton Hill: Performer