Une erreur de jeunesse Soundtrack (

Une erreur de jeunesse Soundtrack (1996) cover

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Tags: happy marriage
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Home Song

Title in Italiano:

Quando il passato ritorna

Title in Português:

Home Song

Title in Français:

Une erreur de jeunesse

Title in Türk:

Une erreur de jeunesse

Title in Deutsch:

Une erreur de jeunesse


High school principal Tom Gardner is happily married with two children, but then his perfect life is disrupted by the arrival of new student Kent Arens and his mother Monica. Tom and Monica share a secret--on the night of Tom's bachelor party he got drunk and slept with Monica. Tom learns that Kent is his son and though initially he wants to keep it a secret, he eventually has no choice but to tell his family the truth.

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Une erreur de jeunesse
Main Title "Somewhere in My Memory" (From "Home Alone") - Voice
Holiday Flight
The House - Instrumental
Star of Bethlehem - Instrumental
Man of the House - Instrumental
White Christmas
Last Christmas
Scammed By a Kindergartner - Instrumental
Follow That Kid! - Instrumental
Making the Plane - Instrumental
Whatever Jingles Your Bells
O Holy Night
Carol of the Bells
Star of Bethlehem - Voice
this christmas song is bringing me down
Setting the Trap - Instrumental
Somewhere in My Memory - Chorus & Orchestra Version
Snow Falling on Your Cheek
The Attack On the House - Instrumental
Curled up by the Fire