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Tags: film anthology, riffing
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Up All Night

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Up All Night

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Up All Night


USA Up All Night is USA Cable Network's weekend movie program that lasts into the wee hours of the night. The quality of movies range from top rate to cheesy. In the beginning, Up All Night had hosts that presented the movies and had skits during the films. Gilbert Gottfried hosted on Saturdays in New York City in the beginning in 1989, and halfway through that same year, Caroline Schlitt was tapped as Friday host in Los Angeles. In 1991, Rhonda Shear would replace Schlitt as Friday's host, and late moved to New York in 1995. In 1998, USA decided to do away with Shear and Gottfried and just show movies.

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Up All Night
Good Luck (Feat Lisa Kekaula)
Across the Ocean
Holdin On
Seventeen Years
Feel the Love (feat. John Newman)
Gazing At The Glare
The Mother We Share
Insomniac Olympics
Shooting Stars
All Alone
Testarossa Autodrive
Fear Is The Mindkiller - Original Mix
My House
Young Blood
Loud Pipes
Too Close
You & Me - Flume Remix
Express Yourself
Lean On
Something About Us
Teardrop - Remastered 2006
Go Down Sunshine
Cthulhu Sleeps
Night Town
Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
Quack Fat
Veridis Quo
Waters of Nazareth
My Pet Coelacanth
Ohhh Nooo
Sound Of Violence - Main Mix
Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)
Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother)
La ritournelle
Extreme Ways
Your Quest is Over (Feat. Pongball)
Daybreak - Edit