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Rating: 5.90/10 from 857 votes
Tags: reference to manuel noriega
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VHYes is a found footage comedy film that follows a 12-year-old boy who accidentally records over his parents' wedding tape with a series of late-night television shows. As he continues to record over more tapes, he unwittingly captures a series of bizarre and hilarious events that unfold on screen.

The film is presented as a compilation of VHS tapes, showcasing a mix of sketch comedy, commercials, and home videos. As the boy's recordings become increasingly chaotic and surreal, he begins to uncover dark secrets about his family and the world around him.

VHYes is a unique and inventive take on the found footage genre, blending humor with a sense of nostalgia for the days of VHS tapes and late-night television. The film's quirky style and offbeat humor make it a must-see for fans of unconventional comedy.

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Cape Cod Days
Greg Herzenach: Writer
Smith Smitherton Theme
Cars Too
Vulfpeck: Performer
Jack Stratton: Writer
Rico's Song
Jonny Koh: Writer
Rocks Rocks
Generation Why
Weyes Blood: Writer
Weyes Blood: Performer
Into the Void
It's Your Body 2
Connan Mockasin: Writer
Connan Mockasin: Performer
Fruit Bats: Performer
Eric D. Johnson: Writer
Assfuck 666
Dent May: Writer
Dent May: Performer
Rico's Song
Jonny Koh: Performer
It's Your Body 2
Connan Mockasin: Performer

User reviews

Daniel Thomas

The original score of VHYes not only sets the tone for each scene but also serves as a character in its own right, adding an extra layer of personality and charm to the film that sets it apart from other comedies in the found footage genre.

Deborah Lewis

Personally, I felt that the lack of a cohesive musical theme throughout the film made it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story. I found myself distracted by the abrupt changes in music styles and tones, which detracted from my enjoyment of the movie.

Laura Scott

I found the soundtrack of VHYes to be quite jarring and disjointed at times. The music choices didn't always seem to match the tone of the scenes, which took away from the overall viewing experience.

Susan Lee

The soundtrack for VHYes perfectly complements the chaotic and surreal nature of the film. The use of different musical styles and tones enhances the various sketches and commercials featured on the VHS tapes, adding depth and atmosphere to each scene.

Edward Taylor

I found the music in VHYes to be a clever mix of retro sounds and modern compositions. The nostalgic vibe created by the soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of watching late-night television shows on VHS tapes, transporting the viewer back to a bygone era of entertainment.

Jennifer Williams

Overall, I believe the soundtrack of VHYes plays a crucial role in enhancing the viewing experience and immersing the audience in the quirky and unpredictable world of the film. Its eclectic mix of musical styles adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling, making it a standout feature of the movie.

Joshua Robinson

The eclectic mix of songs and score in VHYes adds depth and dimension to the narrative, elevating the viewing experience to a whole new level. The music not only complements the on-screen chaos and humor but also serves as a character in its own right, enhancing the overall storytelling in a unique and memorable way.

Margaret Garcia

The soundtrack of VHYes perfectly captures the nostalgic essence of the film, transporting me back to the era of VHS tapes and late-night television. The music selection enhances the comedic and surreal elements of the story, creating a truly immersive experience for the audience.

Karen Taylor

The soundtrack of VHYes perfectly complements the chaotic and surreal nature of the story, creating a seamless blend of humor and suspense that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Melissa Young

One aspect of the soundtrack that stood out to me was its ability to seamlessly transition between different moods and tones. From comedic jingles to eerie background music, the soundtrack effectively sets the stage for the bizarre and offbeat events that unfold throughout the film.

Andrew King

The innovative use of music in VHYes adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling, enhancing the comedic moments and adding emotional resonance to the darker themes explored throughout the film.

Edward Jackson

The eclectic mix of sketch comedy, commercials, and home videos in the VHYes soundtrack creates a truly immersive and nostalgic experience that perfectly captures the essence of late-night television.

Stephanie Nelson

The diverse range of musical styles featured in VHYes, from synth-pop to lo-fi indie tracks, showcases the filmmakers' attention to detail and their commitment to creating a unique and memorable viewing experience.