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Rating: 5.30/10 from 1700 votes
Tags: bilbao, dragging a dead body, grabbing one's crotch, grabbing one's crotch
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Ola de crímenes

Title in Italiano:

Wave of Crimes

Title in Português:

Onda de Crimes


Wave of Crimes

Leyre is a forty-something woman who lives in Bilbao, Basque Country (north to Spain) that tries to open a cupcakes shop. Divorced of Cosme, a corrupt CEO who is married in second terms with Vanesa, her attempt to build a life for herself and her teen son Asier turns upside-down after to realize that the absent-minded Asier killed his father during a Cosme's visit when he started to despise openly his son.

Trying to save Asier to going the jail, Leyre hides the corpse in Cosme's car and suggested by Asier, goes to a bar implying a taxi driver in a fake scene of harassment to pay attention and having an alibi. But Vanesa and her corrupt lawyer Susana start the searching of Cosme and specially of his cell phone, which it contains enough evidences to reveal an entire web of nefarious business implying other important Bilbao's CEOs.

Things complicate after Julen, Asier's best friend who is falling in love with Leyre and he tries to seduce her at any cost, at the same time that Andoni and Juantxu, two agents of the Ertzaina (Basque Country's local police) find Cosme's car, with the own Cosme inside, that Asier and Julen have been move to a distant point while Leyre was sleeping.

Adding a plus of troubles, Leyre's mother Paqui and her caregiver Evelyn moves where Leyre after a flood in Paqui's house. Looking for save their position and their business, Vanesa and Susana propose Andoni to accuse falsely Leyre, hoping to find the cell phone and avoid that Asier heirs the half of Cosme's money. But meanwhile Leyre balances between Julen's sexual propositions, Paqui's bad manners, locate Cosme's cell pone and divert any suspicion of crime committed by Asier, Susana and Vanesa think an alternative and more aggressive plan for Leyre to prevent that the cell phone lost be found and it destroys the company.

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Wave of Crimes

User reviews

Paul Hall

I found the soundtrack of Wave of Crimes to be lacking in diversity and creativity. The music did not effectively capture the intensity and suspense of the plot, leaving me feeling disconnected from the emotional aspects of the story.

Margaret Clark

The music in Wave of Crimes had a haunting quality to it, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the unfolding plot twists.

Kimberly Adams

Each track in the soundtrack evokes a range of emotions, from tension and mystery to heart-pounding excitement, enhancing the overall viewing experience and drawing me deeper into the storyline.

Ronald Perez

I found the soundtrack of Wave of Crimes to be a standout aspect of the film, elevating the overall quality of the storytelling and character dynamics.

Paul Lopez

I appreciated how the music in Wave of Crimes seamlessly integrated with the on-screen action, creating a cohesive and impactful audiovisual experience.

Susan Nelson

The music in Wave of Crimes was a key element in creating a sense of tension and anticipation, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience for me.

Stephanie King

The soundtrack of Wave of Crimes showcased a diverse range of musical styles and genres, enriching the film with its dynamic and versatile sound palette.

Donna Miller

The use of different musical styles and instruments in the soundtrack adds depth and complexity to the storytelling, making Wave of Crimes a truly memorable cinematic experience.

Lisa Evans

The soundtrack of Wave of Crimes effectively underscored the film's darker themes and moral dilemmas, leaving a lasting impression on me as a viewer.

Carol Young

The use of different musical themes and motifs in the soundtrack of Wave of Crimes helped to distinguish between the various plotlines and characters, adding depth to the overall viewing experience.

Mark Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Wave of Crimes is a captivating blend of suspenseful melodies and intense orchestrations that perfectly complement the intricate plot of the movie.

Betty Johnson

I found the music in Wave of Crimes to be engaging and immersive, enhancing the storytelling and character development in a unique way.

Melissa Baker

The soundtrack of Wave of Crimes effectively conveyed the emotional turmoil of the characters, making their struggles and conflicts feel even more poignant and real.

Sarah Allen

Furthermore, I found the overall production quality of the soundtrack to be subpar. The sound mixing and mastering appeared uneven at times, with certain tracks sounding muddled or overpowering the dialogue. This detracted from my overall viewing experience and diminished the impact of key moments within the film.

Karen Hernandez

The musical score skillfully captures the essence of each character and their motivations, creating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere that keeps me engaged throughout the film.

Susan Carter

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs throughout the film became monotonous and predictable, failing to enhance the different scenes and moods portrayed. This lack of variety made it difficult for me to stay engaged with the unfolding events on screen, as the music failed to effectively complement the narrative.

Edward Davis

The soundtrack of Wave of Crimes is a captivating and immersive experience that enhances the tension and drama of the storyline, drawing me deeper into the characters' complex lives and moral dilemmas.

Anthony Brown

The soundtrack of Wave of Crimes perfectly captures the tense and suspenseful atmosphere of the film, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Mark Hernandez

The haunting melodies and suspenseful rhythms perfectly complement the twists and turns of the plot, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and uncertainty that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

James Robinson

Each track in the soundtrack is masterfully crafted to evoke emotions and convey the inner struggles of the characters, adding depth and complexity to their interactions and decisions. The music truly elevates the viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression long after the credits roll.