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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Qué hacer en caso de incendio

Title in Italiano:

Cosa fare in caso di incendio?

Title in Português:

What to Do in Case of Fire


What To Do In Case of Fire? tells the humorous and touching story of six former creative anarchists who lived as house squatters in Berlin during its heyday in the 80s when Berlin was still an island in the middle of the former eastern Germany.

At the end of the 80s they went their separate ways with the exception of Tim and Hotte, who have remained true to their ideals and continue to fight the issues they did as a group.

In 2000, with Berlin as Germany's new capital, an event happens forcing the group out of existential reason to reunite and, ultimately, come to grips with the reason they separated 12 years ago.

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What to Do in Case of Fire
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User reviews

Brian Davis

Overall, the soundtrack of What to Do in Case of Fire is a standout element of the film, adding depth and dimension to the narrative. The carefully curated selection of songs complements the themes of friendship, activism, and self-discovery, making it a memorable and impactful listening experience.

Jennifer Hall

The soundtrack of What to Do in Case of Fire failed to capture the essence of the 80s Berlin squatting scene, lacking the raw energy and rebellious spirit that defined the era.

Dorothy Wilson

The music choices felt disjointed and out of place at times, failing to enhance the emotional depth of the story and instead becoming a distracting element throughout the film.

Michelle Thompson

The music in the film effectively conveys the emotional journey of the characters, from their youthful idealism to their present-day struggles. The songs chosen enhance the storytelling and create a sense of authenticity that immerses the audience in the characters' world.

Kenneth Roberts

The soundtrack of What to Do in Case of Fire perfectly captures the rebellious and nostalgic spirit of the 80s underground scene in Berlin. The mix of punk rock, new wave, and electronic music sets the tone for the story of the former anarchists reuniting after 12 years.