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Rating: 8.20/10 from 35000 votes
Tags: religious leader, enlightenment
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Wild Wild Country

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Wild Wild Country

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Wild Wild Country


Wild Wild Country is a documentary series that tells the story of the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his community of followers, who established a utopian city in rural Oregon in the 1980s.

The series explores the rise and fall of the Rajneeshpuram community, as they clash with local residents and government officials over land use, immigration, and religious freedom.

Wild Wild Country delves into the complex dynamics of power, control, and manipulation within the commune, as well as the legal battles and criminal activities that ultimately led to its downfall.

Through interviews with former members, law enforcement officials, and journalists, the series offers a fascinating look at one of the most bizarre and controversial chapters in American history.

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Wild Wild Country
Think Harder
I Have Been to the Mountain
Lip Gloss
Thank You Lord
Dark Child - Single Edit
Strange Things
Run From Me
Cloudy Shoes
The Guillotine
Brocker Way: Performer
Fashionable Leather Shoes
Brocker Way: Performer
Come Home
Brocker Way: Performer
Life for Myself
Brocker Way: Performer
Those of Us Who Were There
Brocker Way: Performer
The New Man
Brocker Way: Performer
High Desert
Brocker Way: Performer
Be Grateful for This Beautiful Home
Brocker Way: Performer
Church and State
Brocker Way: Performer
An Adventure of My Life
Brocker Way: Performer
Spies in Overalls
Brocker Way: Performer
The Takeover
Brocker Way: Performer
Chosen People
Brocker Way: Performer
It Was a Town
Brocker Way: Performer
The Burning Ghats
Brocker Way: Performer

User reviews

Steven Baker

Additionally, some of the musical choices felt disconnected from the narrative, creating a jarring contrast rather than a cohesive sensory experience. The soundtrack seemed to distract rather than complement the visuals and interviews, diminishing the overall impact of the series for me.

John Jones

The soundtrack features a wide range of instruments and sounds that enhance the cultural richness and historical depth of the documentary series.

Paul Young

The haunting melodies and ambient sounds used in the soundtrack help to build tension and suspense throughout the episodes.

Joseph Brown

The soundtrack of Wild Wild Country failed to capture the emotional depth and intensity of the documentary series. I found the music to be repetitive and uninspiring, lacking the ability to enhance the storytelling or evoke the intended mood.

Joseph Wilson

The use of different musical genres and styles in the soundtrack reflects the diversity and complexity of the characters and situations depicted in the series.

Joseph Young

The haunting melodies and rhythms in the soundtrack evoke a sense of tension and suspense, mirroring the escalating conflicts within the community.

Mark Scott

The musical choices in Wild Wild Country contribute to the overall authenticity and immersive quality of the storytelling, making the viewer feel more connected to the narrative.

Robert Adams

The music selection adds depth and emotion to the unfolding events, creating a compelling auditory experience for the viewers.

Stephanie Phillips

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the visuals enhances the viewing experience, immersing the audience in the world of Rajneeshpuram.

Lisa Taylor

The music perfectly complements the dark and intense themes explored in the series, adding depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Nancy Davis

The soundtrack of Wild Wild Country effectively captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the documentary series.

Donna Taylor

The soundtrack of Wild Wild Country perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the documentary series, enhancing the storytelling.

Michelle Williams

The use of repetitive motifs in the soundtrack mirrors the cyclical nature of the events depicted in the documentary, creating a sense of inevitability.

Michael Green

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for each episode, drawing the audience into the world of Rajneeshpuram and the larger cultural context of the 1980s.

Ashley Robinson

The music effectively underscores the emotional turmoil and psychological manipulation experienced by both the followers and the critics of the commune.

Kenneth Robinson

Overall, the soundtrack of Wild Wild Country is a standout element that elevates the series, making it a truly unforgettable and engrossing watch.

David Moore

Overall, the soundtrack of Wild Wild Country is a crucial element in shaping the narrative and setting the tone for this gripping documentary series.

Ashley Brown

I appreciate how the soundtrack incorporates elements of Indian music to reflect the origins of the guru and his followers.

Kenneth Miller

The music in Wild Wild Country complements the visuals and dialogue seamlessly, creating a cohesive and impactful viewing experience.

Joshua Parker

I found the soundtrack to be both unsettling and captivating, drawing me deeper into the story with its evocative compositions.