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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Aventuras en la gran ciudad

Title in Italiano:

Tutto quella notte

Title in Português:

Aventuras Fora de Horas


Adventures in Babysitting

Chris Parker is a popular high school senior living in Oak Park in suburban Chicago. When her boyfriend Mike Todwell, with who she is in love, cancels what was supposed to be a romantic anniversary dinner date at the last minute due to a family emergency, Chris, instead, reluctantly accepts a job to babysit eight year old Sara Anderson, who idolizes Thor and loves roller skating. Sara's high school freshman brother, Brad Anderson, secretly fantasizes about Chris being his girlfriend, the two who only cordially say "hi" to each other in the school hallways, if that, when they run into each other.

Chris' babysitting job takes a turn when her naive best friend Brenda, who was planning on running away, frantically telephones from the downtown Chicago bus station realizing the scariness of the situation, she needing a ride home as she has no money. As Chris has no money either to pay for a cab for Brenda, Chris, with Sara, Brad, and Brad's best friend Darryl Coopersmith in tow, drives into the city in Chris' mother's station wagon to pick up Brenda.

While Brenda faces her own issues in waiting for Chris, Chris and her charges get into one misadventure after another having to do with, among other things, mechanical problems with the station wagon, a jealous husband with a philandering wife, a car theft ring, a blues club with an unofficial yet unbreakable policy, a gang war, a frat party, a cheating boyfriend, and an office party in an upper floor of a skyscraper. What happens is affected by Chris' need to mind all three kids who want to go off on divergent directions, and the current issue of Playboy whose centerfold has an uncanny resemblance to a certain babysitter.

The primary question becomes if Chris can get Sara, Brad, Darryl and Brenda home in one piece before the Andersons get home and discover their adventurous night.

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A Night on the Town
Babysitting Blues
Mark Mueller: Lyrics
Albert Collins: Performer
Robert Kraft: Performer
Robert Kraft: Produced
Then He Kissed Me
The Crystals: Performer
Phil Spector: Writer
Expressway to Your Heart
Future in Your Eyes
Twenty-Five Miles
Johnny Bristol: Writer
Evil (Is Going On)
The Brady Bunch Theme
What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
Just Can't Stop
Albert's Smokin' Ice
Gimme Shelter
Real Wild Child (Wild One)
The Blues Had a Baby (And They Named It Rock-n-Roll)
Bring It On Home to Me
Just Can't Stop
Barry Goldberg: Performer
Albert's Smokin' Ice
Robert Kraft: Performer

User reviews

Stephanie Phillips

Additionally, the song choices in the soundtrack felt disconnected from the 80s setting of the film, missing an opportunity to create a nostalgic and immersive experience for viewers. The lack of cohesive theme or era-appropriate music detracted from the overall authenticity and impact of the movie's soundtrack.

Laura Harris

The soundtrack's ability to seamlessly blend different musical genres, from blues to pop, reflects the diverse range of experiences the characters encounter on their wild night out.

Andrew Adams

The band soundtrack of A Night on the Town adds an exciting and adventurous atmosphere to the movie. The upbeat and catchy tunes perfectly complement the fast-paced and chaotic scenes, keeping the audience engaged throughout the film.

Anthony Thomas

The soundtrack of A Night on the Town not only serves as background music but also plays a significant role in setting the tone and enhancing the overall storytelling. The memorable melodies and lyrics stay with the audience long after the movie ends, making it a standout feature of the film.

Dorothy Wilson

The emotional depth conveyed through the music in certain scenes helps to humanize the characters and create a strong connection between the audience and their journey.

Carol Wilson

The soundtrack for A Night on the Town did not effectively capture the intensity and excitement of the film's adventurous storyline. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to enhance the on-screen action or evoke the appropriate emotions.

Dorothy Smith

Overall, the soundtrack of A Night on the Town serves as a dynamic and essential element of the film, elevating the storytelling and enhancing the viewer's experience.

Donna Thomas

The soundtrack of A Night on the Town perfectly captures the adventurous and unpredictable nature of the story, enhancing the suspense and excitement of each scene.

David Young

The use of upbeat and energetic music in key moments of the film adds a sense of urgency and fun to the characters' misadventures, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Emily Adams

The soundtrack's incorporation of popular songs from the 80s adds a nostalgic touch to the film, evoking a sense of familiarity and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the story.

Sarah Baker

The variety of music genres featured in the soundtrack, from rock to blues, enhances the different moods and emotions portrayed in the story. Each song seems carefully selected to amplify the tension, humor, and heartwarming moments experienced by the characters, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.