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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

A Way of Life

Title in Italiano:

A Way of Life

Title in Português:

A Way of Life

Title in Français:

A Way of Life


The handmade pottery of Kasama and Mashiko regions in Japan is some of the world's most beautiful and sought-after. The potters who create these magnificent works spend decades refining their craft - throwing, molding, glazing and firing - in the rural countryside. This short documentary reveals the passion and skill of eleven such potters. Their determination, inspiration, and creativity comes from a deep understanding of what exactly is the true craft of pottery.

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A Way of Life
Looking Too Closely
Way down We Go
World of Love
Oh What a Beautiful City
Let's Hurt Tonight
Introducing Howard Inlet
The Dream and the Letters
Oncoming Traffic
Whit Follows Amy
Death Visits Howard
Whit's Plan
Grief Group
Time Visit #1
The War Is Over
Love Visit #1
Like Being in the Movies
Collateral Beauty
Whit and Amy / Time Visit #2
Death Rides the F Train