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Air America

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Air America

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Air America


Air America is a 1990 American action comedy film directed by Roger Spottiswoode. The film stars Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. as Air America pilots during the Vietnam War.

The story follows the two pilots as they fly covert missions for the CIA, smuggling goods and weapons in and out of Laos. As they navigate dangerous situations and face moral dilemmas, they must also deal with corrupt officials and rival factions.

Air America explores the complexities of the Vietnam War and the impact it had on those involved. The film blends action and humor, creating a unique and entertaining take on the war.

With its stellar cast and thrilling aerial sequences, Air America is a must-watch for fans of action films and war dramas alike.

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Air America
Free Ride
Edgar Winter: Performer
Love Me Two Times
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
Right Place, Wrong Time
Pushin' Too Hard
Get Ready
Run Through the Jungle
Do It Again
Rescue Me
Baby, I Need Your Lovin'
Gimme Shelter
California Dreamin'
One More Ride
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Horse with No Name
Come Fly with Me
Pushin' Too Hard
The Seeds: Performer
Baby, I Need Your Lovin'
The Four Tops: Performer
California Dreamin'

User reviews

Emily Lopez

The soundtrack of Air America perfectly captures the adventurous and suspenseful tone of the film. The music enhances the aerial sequences and adds an extra layer of excitement to the action scenes.

Timothy Jones

The memorable themes in the soundtrack of Air America stay with you long after the movie ends. The music helps to immerse the audience in the story and enhances the emotional impact of key moments, making it a standout feature of the film.

William Wilson

The soundtrack of Air America effectively captures the adventurous and high-stakes atmosphere of the film. The music enhances the action sequences and adds depth to the emotional moments, creating a well-rounded listening experience.

William Thomas

The soundtrack of Air America perfectly captures the high-octane energy and tension of the film's action sequences. From intense orchestral pieces to adrenaline-pumping rock tracks, the music enhances the on-screen drama and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

Stephanie Martin

Additionally, the use of period-specific songs in the soundtrack adds an extra layer of authenticity to the Vietnam War setting of the film. The nostalgic tunes transport the audience back to the 1960s and help create a rich atmosphere that immerses you in the story. Overall, the diverse musical selection in Air America elevates the viewing experience and makes it a memorable cinematic journey.

Joshua White

The variety of musical styles in the soundtrack of Air America is impressive. From energetic rock tracks to emotional orchestral pieces, the music complements the different moods and themes of the movie, creating a rich auditory experience.

Elizabeth Scott

On the other hand, some tracks in the soundtrack may feel a bit generic and predictable, lacking the originality and creativity needed to stand out on their own. While the music complements the film well, it may not leave a lasting impression outside of the movie context.