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Tags: false promise of the american dream, folk singer, couchsurfing
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

A propósito de Llewyn Davis

Title in Italiano:

A proposito di Davis

Title in Português:

A Propósito de Llewyn Davis


It's the middle of winter, 1961. Greenwich Village based folk singer Llewyn Davis, formerly one half of Timlin and Davis who had a modicum of success especially within the local scene, is trying to eke out a solo career. The dissolution of Timlin and Davis was due to circumstances outside of Llewyn's control, there no possibility of a reunion. Llewyn, who has no money, resorts to sleeping on a revolving set of friends' couches, he not averse to asking any among his friends for a place to crash, especially fellow folk singers, professional and personal partners Jean and Jim. Despite needing his friends, he is also not averse to burning bridges to remain true to himself as a professional musician, and in his anger and frustration over his current predicament. His plight makes him blind and oblivious to the goings-on in anyone else's life.

His economic situation is made all the worse as his first solo album, Inside Llewyn Davis, is not selling, partly due to issues with his manager, Mel Novikoff. It's a Catch-22 as his homeless situation makes him difficult to locate if a last minute gig arises which further hinders his ability to make money. And he of late seems to be accumulating more and more stuff, including a cat, he having nowhere to put any of it permanently unless he were to dispose of these items. He may only be able to endure getting figuratively pushed down in the pursuit of a career before something has to change in his life.

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Inside Llewyn Davis
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
Oscar Isaac: Traditional arranged
Oscar Isaac: Performer
Bob Dylan: Writer
Bob Dylan: Performer
Requiem in D Minor, Lacrimosa Dies
Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)
T Bone Burnett: Solo version arranged
Oscar Isaac: Performer
Marcus Mumford: Traditional duet arranged
Marcus Mumford: Performer
The Last Thing on My Mind
Tom Paxton: Writer
Stark Sands: Performer
Please Please Mr. Kennedy
Oscar Isaac: Performer
Ed Rush: Writer
Five Hundred Miles
Hedy West: Writer
Ballade No. 2 in F Minor, Op. 38
Frédéric Chopin: Writer
Peter Frankl: Performer
Piano Sonata No. 15 in D Major, Op. 28 - Pastorale
Leaving the Cat
Todd Kasow: Writer
The Death of Queen Jane
T Bone Burnett: Traditional arranged
Oscar Isaac: Performer
Green, Green Rocky Road
Dave Van Ronk: Performer
Oscar Isaac: Performer
Len Chandler: Writer
Symphony No. 4 in G: IV. Sehr Behaglich - Wir Geniessen die Himmlischen Freuden
Gustav Mahler: Writer
Daniel Harding: Performer
Oscar Isaac: Performer
Gary Davis: Writer
Old MacDonald
The Old Triangle
Shoals of Herring
Storms Are on the Ocean
3 Romances, Op. 28: No. 2 in F Sharp Major
Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)
Marcus Mumford: Performer

User reviews

Melissa Jackson

The use of traditional folk instruments adds an authentic touch to the soundtrack, transporting the listener back to a bygone era of music.

John Green

The soundtrack showcases a diverse range of musical styles, from soulful ballads to upbeat folk tunes, reflecting the rich tapestry of the folk music scene of the time.

Emily Wright

The folk music featured in the soundtrack not only sets the tone for the film but also serves as a powerful storytelling device, enhancing the overall viewing experience and immersing me in Llewyn's world of passion, loss, and resilience.

Patricia Martin

Each song in the soundtrack contributes to the character development of Llewyn Davis, shedding light on his internal struggles and artistic journey. The authenticity and raw emotion in the music resonated deeply with me, adding depth and complexity to the story.

Emily Rodriguez

Each song in the soundtrack evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing, reflecting Llewyn Davis' own struggles and inner turmoil.

Joshua Taylor

The haunting melodies and melancholic lyrics perfectly convey the bittersweet nature of Llewyn's journey as a struggling musician.

Matthew King

The soundtrack of Inside Llewyn Davis is a hauntingly beautiful journey through the folk music scene of 1961 Greenwich Village. Each song captures the essence of the era and Llewyn's emotional struggles with raw authenticity.

Betty Hall

The folk songs featured in the soundtrack are not just background music, but integral pieces of the narrative that drive the emotional arc of the story forward. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and melancholy that lingers long after the movie ends, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

Deborah Taylor

The soundtrack of Inside Llewyn Davis captures the raw and emotional essence of the folk music scene in 1961 Greenwich Village.

Donna Adams

The emotional depth of the songs resonates with the audience, creating a powerful connection to Llewyn's character and his struggles.

David Martin

Overall, the soundtrack of Inside Llewyn Davis is a masterful blend of music and storytelling that immerses the listener in the world of the protagonist and leaves a lasting impact.

Andrew Lee

The music perfectly complements the character's sense of longing and desperation, creating a deep connection between the audience and Llewyn's inner turmoil. It's as if each note is a window into his soul, allowing us to empathize with his pain and frustration on a profound level.

Charles Baker

The soundtrack of Inside Llewyn Davis perfectly captures the melancholic and reflective mood of the film, transporting me to the winter of 1961 in Greenwich Village with its haunting melodies and poignant lyrics.

Matthew Green

The soundtrack effectively captures the essence of Llewyn's journey, from his moments of despair to fleeting glimmers of hope, through its evocative and poignant compositions.