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Alternate Names:
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Alejandro Magno

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Alexandre, o Grande

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Conquering ninety percent of the known world by the age of twenty-five, Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) led his armies through twenty-two thousand miles of sieges and conquests in just eight years.

Coming out of tiny Macedonia, Alexander led his armies against the mighty Persian Empire, drove west to Egypt, and finally made his way east to India.

This movie concentrated on those eight years of battles, as well as his relationship with his boyhood friend and battle mate, Hephaistion (Jared Leto).

Alexander died young, of illness, at the age of thirty-two.

Alexander's conquests paved the way for the spread of Greek culture (facilitating the spread of Christianity centuries later), and removed many of the obstacles that might have prevented the expansion of the Roman Empire.

In other words, the world we know today might never have been if not for Alexander's bloody, yet unifying, conquest.

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Pleasure & Pain - Jensen Interceptor Remix
Parakeet Feet
Tengo Dinero
Feel it (radio edit )
Once Upon a Time
Concerto Pour Une Voix
Gimme Head
IT G MA REMIX (feat. A$AP Ferg, Father, Dumbfoundead, Waka Flocka Flame)
hashtag IRL
Killa Bass
F**k The Summer Up (feat. Biker Boy Pug)
Queen's Speech 3
Bad Girls - Switch Remix
The Day Is My Enemy
DJ Turn It Up
Throw It Down
Slot Machine
God Created the Beat - (Apocalypse Now) Original Mix
Delirious (Boneless) (feat. Kid Ink)
Biggie Bounce (feat. Angger Dimas & Travis Porter)
Like This - Dixone Remix
Bend Ova (feat. Tyga)
You're No Good
Masta Blasta
I See I Say
Harlem Shake
Put Cha Back In It
Just like Heaven
Milkshake - Radio Mix
Heavy Cross - Yuksek Remix
Are You The One?
Smack My Bitch Up
Fatty Boom Boom
Did It On’em
I Can Change
Last Breath
Rockers To Swallow
Bamboo Banga
Epic (Original Mix)
Van Vogue
Peter Piper
I Turn My Arm - Alixander III Remix
Walk It Out
Pop-splits - Nancy Sinatra -these Boots Are Made For Walking
Shawty Get Loose (feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain)
Welcome To The Jungle

User reviews

Michael Miller

On the other hand, while the soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the historical drama, some tracks may feel repetitive and lack variety. The continuous use of bombastic themes throughout the movie can become overwhelming and diminish the impact of key scenes. A more diverse approach to the musical score could have enhanced the overall storytelling and emotional resonance of the film.

Karen Gonzalez

The soundtrack skillfully blends different musical styles to reflect the diverse cultures encountered by Alexander during his conquests.

Kimberly Lopez

The grandeur and power of the music perfectly match the larger-than-life story of Alexander the Great.

Susan Perez

The soundtrack effectively conveys the tension and drama of the battle scenes, enhancing the viewing experience.

Betty Scott

The emotional depth of the music enhances the portrayal of Alexander's complex relationships and inner struggles.

Linda Allen

The soundtrack of Alexander truly captures the epic scale of Alexander the Great's conquests and battles.

Richard Miller

The music beautifully complements the film's portrayal of the historical events and emotions of the characters.

Michelle Wilson

Each track in the Alexander soundtrack is masterfully composed to evoke a sense of adventure and triumph, reflecting the highs and lows of Alexander's journey through conquest and exploration. The music becomes a powerful storytelling element, immersing the audience in the historical drama of one of the most legendary figures in history.

Carol Jones

The soundtrack of Alexander perfectly captures the epic scale and intensity of Alexander the Great's conquests. The music sweeps you away into the world of ancient battles and grandeur, enhancing the emotional impact of the story.

Timothy Davis

Additionally, I felt that the soundtrack was repetitive and uninspired. The same motifs and musical themes were used throughout the movie, leading to a sense of monotony and predictability. It failed to bring a sense of variety and excitement to the film, ultimately falling flat in its execution.

Elizabeth Wright

The soundtrack of Alexander truly captures the epic scale and grandeur of the conquests led by Alexander the Great. The powerful orchestrations and dramatic compositions perfectly complement the intense battle scenes and the emotional depths of the characters. The use of traditional instruments and ancient melodies adds an authentic and immersive touch to the overall experience.

Michael Walker

I found the soundtrack of Alexander to be quite underwhelming. The music did not effectively capture the grandeur and epic scale of Alexander the Great's conquests. It lacked the necessary depth and emotion to truly enhance the storytelling.

Patricia Evans

The use of traditional instruments and vocals adds an authentic and immersive feel to the movie.