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Rating: 7.60/10 from 14000 votes
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All American

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All American

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All American


Inspired by the true life story of NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger, All American is an inspiring, ensemble family drama about a young, high school football phenom, Spencer James and the two families whose homes he shares after transferring from Crenshaw to Beverly High - his mother and brother in South Central LA and the Bakers of Beverly Hills. But as these two families and their vastly different worlds are drawn together, Spencer, the Bakers, and the James family will discover that the differences that divide us on the surface hide a deeper connection - the complicated, imperfect humanity that unites us all.

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All American
Drop It Like It's Hot
morning sunrise
Grinding All My Life
Here for the Crown
city of angels
Rain Noise Loopable (No Fade)
Runway Walk (Bonus) (feat. Brevi)
Close To U
Don't Go
Good Thing
Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)
Superhuman (feat. Shane Eli)
Don't Tell Me
Here Comes the Thunder
In My Blood
Born for This
You Gon Learn
Run for Your Life
Living the Dream
Cali Life
I Am Yours
Cold War
How I'm Feeling
Capitalist Manifesto
Lets Ride
Blue Faces
Living My Life
How Do You Feel Now
Heart Emoji
Feeling Alive
Hurry Hurry
Broken Promises
That Good Vibe
Never Get Enough
Goin’ on
I'll Get There
As Long as It’s Real
Then I Rise Up
Loyalty (feat. Kidd Marley)
Ain’t the Problem You Want
My Radar
What Is Love
This Time I Want it All
Let Go!
While We're Young
Attention (Remix) [feat. Kyle]
The Few Things
Won’t Give Up
Family Over Everything (Bre-Z & Chelsea Tavares)
Blake Neely: Performer
Music Can Save Us (Chelsea Tavares)
Blake Neely: Performer
Lay It All on the Line
Blake Neely: Performer
Tested and Followed
Blake Neely: Performer
You Have to Be Great
Blake Neely: Performer
Take Me the Way I Am
Blake Neely: Performer
Hate Seeing You Like This
Blake Neely: Performer
Get It Together
Blake Neely: Performer
No Win Situation
Blake Neely: Performer
Whom Do You Hold Responsible?
Blake Neely: Performer
I Have Clarity
Blake Neely: Performer
Blake Neely: Performer
Always Ask
Blake Neely: Performer
You Should Be Proud
Blake Neely: Performer
Forfeit for Justice
Blake Neely: Performer
What Is a King?
Blake Neely: Performer
One More
Blake Neely: Performer
You Don't Ask (Remix) (Bre-Z & Chelsea Tavares)
Blake Neely: Performer
I'm Still Here (Bre-Z)
Blake Neely: Performer
Playtime's Over (BRE-Z, Tia P. & Lil Fizz)
Blake Neely: Performer
Things Won't Be the Same
Blake Neely: Performer
Major Growth Moments
Blake Neely: Performer
You Are the Reason
Blake Neely: Performer
Clean Slate
Blake Neely: Performer
An Intervention
Blake Neely: Performer
Always Been Your Field
Blake Neely: Performer
What If It's Worse?
Blake Neely: Performer
No Justification
Blake Neely: Performer
Why Am I Never Enough?
Blake Neely: Performer
Some Win, Some Lose
Blake Neely: Performer
It Will Get Better
Blake Neely: Performer
No Margin for Error
Blake Neely: Performer
Whatever It Takes
Blake Neely: Performer
Show Me What You Got
Blake Neely: Performer
River (Chelsea Tavares)
Blake Neely: Performer
Spencer's Theme
Blake Neely: Performer
Watch Yourself
Blake Neely: Performer
No One with This Potential
Blake Neely: Performer
I Got This
Blake Neely: Performer
I Did a Bad Thing
Blake Neely: Performer
This Is Who I Am
Blake Neely: Performer
Do You See Me?
Blake Neely: Performer
Last Chances
Blake Neely: Performer
My Whole Life Is a Fight
Blake Neely: Performer
One Funeral, One Award
Blake Neely: Performer
Friendly Competition
Blake Neely: Performer
Make the Drop
Blake Neely: Performer
Opportunity to Shine
Blake Neely: Performer
Blake Neely: Performer

User reviews

Betty Walker

The music enhances the overall viewing experience, adding layers of intensity and authenticity to each scene.

John Thompson

The soundtrack of All American perfectly captures the emotional depth of the characters and storylines.

Amanda Johnson

Overall, the soundtrack of All American is a standout feature of the show, showcasing a diverse range of musical styles that complement the themes of unity, family, and perseverance explored in the series.

Thomas Harris

The soundtrack of All American perfectly captures the emotional depth and intensity of the series, enhancing every scene with its powerful melodies and evocative compositions.

Patricia Baker

I found the soundtrack of All American to be lacking in originality and excitement. The music felt generic and uninspired, failing to capture the emotional depth and intensity of the show's storylines.

Timothy Thompson

The songs chosen for key moments are incredibly powerful and resonate with the audience on a personal level.

William Thomas

Each song in the soundtrack feels like a character in itself, adding layers of complexity and richness to the storytelling, making the viewing experience even more immersive and engaging.

Charles Robinson

Overall, the music of All American is a vital component of the show's success, elevating the storytelling and engaging the audience on a deeper level.

Mary Evans

The use of repetitive and cliché musical motifs throughout the series became monotonous and predictable, detracting from the overall viewing experience. I was hoping for a more dynamic and innovative soundtrack that could enhance the powerful themes and character development portrayed in the show.

Brian White

The melodies and lyrics are expertly crafted, adding depth and dimension to the storytelling.

Richard Rodriguez

The soundtrack effectively conveys the struggles and triumphs of the characters, creating a strong emotional connection with the viewers.

Lisa Green

The diversity of musical styles in the soundtrack mirrors the diverse backgrounds of the characters in the show.

Elizabeth Allen

The soundtrack showcases a range of emotions, from joy and excitement to heartbreak and introspection, mirroring the complexity of the characters' experiences.

Thomas Williams

The soundtrack of All American perfectly captures the emotional depth and intensity of the show's storyline, weaving together a mix of uplifting and poignant melodies that enhance the viewing experience.

Betty Evans

The music choices in All American effectively set the tone for each scene, whether it's a heartwarming family moment or a tense football match, adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to the storytelling.

Paul Lee

The music creates a sense of unity and togetherness, echoing the central theme of finding common ground despite differences.